Most of iPhone owners have experienced it once in a lifetime, and if you search across the Internet, you will find a huge amount of content guiding you to get the right help on such issues. Even, after the update of iOS 12, people were coming up with a lot of feedback regarding the over-heating problem. You will not like it if there is a message start to pop up saying your iPhone is disabled. Here are a few facts to state what caused the phone overheating issue.

Why does an iPhone start overheating: The causes of overheating come up covering the internal and external part of the phone. Did you know the iPhone is designed to work in temperature that ranges between 0 to 35 degrees centigrade? What if the average temperature was 35 degrees? It indicates that the temperature might reach the upper limit or more than that. In such temperature, the overheating issues are the major problem.

The Smartphone in your pocket is a mini computer. Even if the desktop and laptops have the way to cool its processor, a phone does not have that. Even both laptop and desktop have sufficient space to pass the heat, which smartphone-like devices don’t have.

So, how to fix the overheating issue?

To stop overheating, there are certain things iPhone owners must do, which are-

  • Keep your phone up to date: Make sure all your iPhone app is up to date. You could notice that Apple often releases updates to solve the overheating issue.
  • Repair your iOS system: System errors are another reason why iPhones have an overheating problem. So, reach a professional who would find the reasons for damage and how to solve it.  
  • Don’t put the phone directly under the sun: during vacations, we all love to use our phones for clicking pictures. But, experts advise to keep it in the bag and no direct exposure to the sunlight.
  • Be cautious while charging: Experts suggest to switch off the phone while charging, as keeping it on certainly generates some heat. However, while charging your phone, you should keep it in a shaded and well-ventilated space. Keep it away from other running devices, burning places like fireplace or kitchen.
  • Apps running on your face: With a double click on the home button, you can find the running app currently and swipe them up and close those which you are not using. These are the apps that cause overheating. One quick and simple trick is to switch on the aeroplane mode, which can immediately close some apps.
  • Apps running in the background: Your phone do some location tracking service in the background, even iCloud is something that stays busy in the background. It might seem subtle but keep engaging your phone in the background. Control the location services and change settings for such busy apps.

So, cooling the phone is not a bigger challenge. If you tun 3G or 4G network, Wi-Fi or high processing application in the phone, it will turn the heating issue in the worst case. Hence, avoid Smartphone maintenance mistakes and use your device wisely!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a reputed expert of a malfunctioning or broken iPhone repair, who has successfully replaced several iPhone screens, batteries and repair motherboard within the budget.