Recently a friend of mine gave me reason to think by going on and on regarding how wonderful they are, how hard they work and how nice they are to others but why do bad things happen to them? I wasn’t pondering their struggles; I was confused that they felt the need to declare how great they were, repeatedly. I am very aware of how wonderful the people around me are.

This got me to thinking about ego and what it does to us.
Healthy ego is seen and felt as self-confidence. A very attractive trait in everyone, we all gravitate to those folks who are strong in themselves, they are damn irresistible!

Then there are the folks who are so over blown in their ego they repel many people. They do attract a certain type of person who needs to worship someone or something, so they look like they deserve their egos as look at all the people hanging on their every word. Yet when someone actually gets close to them or tries to know them they are often repelled by them. It is the illusion that ego generates that keeps that scenario working. Not true mental or spiritual health.

Between these generalizations there is the person who is trapped by their inner self who quite clearly knows they are an amazing expression of exactly what they are supposed to be and the external voices saying no you aren’t. You aren’t enough, you have no worth. These folks are the ones that will tell you they are the only ones who do any work in the office, or all the work keeping the family together; that they single handedly rise to every occasion. Yet they get into what I call ‘blue funks’ and then they will tell you they hurt and are confused and why do bad things happen to them? They try so hard to be good.

The over blown ego peeps are pretty much who they are. Aside from a major life event causing change, enter into relationships with them with your eyes wide open. Have fun, enjoy their charisma! And keep just a bit of distance from that fire lest you get burned.

The souls in the middle have a choice. They can put aside their ego armor which is what got them through the hard times, protected that inner voice that speaks of radiance; but that now holds them back from manifesting that voice. Or they can lock that armor on and continue taking the hard times as some kind of plot against them and missing much of the joy of just accepting who they are.

When we put aside the ego armor we listen more and compete less. Someone can tell us their story and we don’t need to say “I know, I had that happen only it was so much worse you just don’t know…” which on one hand implies empathy and understanding and on the other completely negates it and tells the person trying to connect and share that their experience is less and unworthy. It is very subtle but the one who wears ego armor is actually passing on the same hurts that they received, which resulted in the ego armor. Which embodies the idea that misery loves company.

Perhaps it is time to try and share some joy instead of some ego? Listen to that person confiding in you and don’t jump in with a comparison. It isn’t a competition. Your life is profound and unique, as is there’s.

We don’t lose any bit of ourselves by accepting the truth of who we are and not needing to advertise it. We gain joy; we give others the room to shine so we give joy as well.

Everyone has a life that is similar to everyone else’s. The human experience is pretty basic. It is our soul that makes it different, our interpretation of our experience that makes us each the astounding individuals that we all are.

Your personal truth is your path to glory, not competing to outshine everyone else to feel worthy.

The truth is; you are worthy. Just the way you are.

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