It's so hard to find one to date. It's always, "you're actually straight and are just experimenting" or "you're gay and won't admit it" or "you're going to leave me/cheat on me with a guy" etc. Well, I’m a bisexual women who’s never dated anyone, so I’m actually really interested in hearing about other’s experiences. It’s hard for a lot of my friends (straight and lgbt) to understand how I identify, so I can only imagine what it’ll be like when I finally date someone, regardless of gender. It is often said that a woman should be in full charge of her power and sexuality. But we still need more support and friends.

There were still people who were openly bisexual, but many more who didn't have the courage to come out. that's why, according to statistics, so many more people are gay or bi or pan or asexual now - the actual numbers haven't changed much but attitudes have that mean more people can live out their truth safely and without persecution.

Don't be afraid to walk away if your basic needs are not being met. There are millions of bisexual singles in the world. Move on and find a better fit.welcome to join the best bisexual women dating sits( ) this site is for bisexual women, help them find bisexual women, men,couples, looking for more support and friends, bi or bicurious..

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