In this article I’m going to reveal crucial success skills in Internet marketing and building an easy home-based business. I’ll also discuss what to avoid in IM. Most Internet marketers fail because they don’t use leverage to their advantage. The concept of leverage is a heavily utilized one in Internet marketing. Most people, however, don’t use that word to particular word to describe it, thus while they may recognize it in practice don’t always make the connection when the term is used. If you have ever used your skills or abilities in exchange for the use of someone else’s skills, abilities or assets, you have just put into practice the concept of leverage. Leverage is essential to Internet marketing and learning to master it is crucial for those of you hoping to make money online.

Leveraging involves using your assets to obtain or get access to someone else’s. Perhaps an example would be helpful. If you were the owner of a high quality product that converts well and pays out high commission, you might be able to use that product to gain use of a fellow marketer’s e-mail list. In exchange for promoting your product to his or her list, the list owner gets the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions. Your ability to help make them money is the leverage utilized to get the deal done and is essential to Internet marketing success. If you want to make money online, you’ll need to master the art of leveraging.

If you want an easy home-based business that will allow you to make extra income at home, take an inventory of your skills and learn how to leverage those skills to get you what you want. The same is true of tangible assets such as a product or list. Your ability to use leverage can help you make extra income at home and start the easy home-based business, you’ve always dreamed about.

Leverage is all about creating long-term and short-term partnerships and joint ventures with other marketers using something that you have in exchange for something another person wants, i.e., money, access to a list, etc.

Leverage is crucial to online success because it helps you obtain exposure that you normally wouldn’t be able to, speeds up the list building process and allows you to make more money online and at a faster rate then you could on your own. The potential exists for your products to go viral. You’ll enjoy a greater amount of support than you would if working on your own, which makes Internet marketing so much more fun.

There are lots of terrific places to find JV partners online. Check out Facebook, the Million Dollar Network, Warrior Forum and blogs in your niche. Once you begin developing relationships and partnerships, you will find that Internet marketing and making money online becomes a whole lot easier.

It will probably take a few months before you start growing your affiliate and JV network and begin building partnerships. But once you do, you’ll find that making extra income at home is much easier than you ever imagined.

Stay tuned in for part 7… In the next piece I will tackle creating your own products and services.

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Tim Pond is an author, coach and Internet marketer.
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