Today’s world is chock-full of gimmicks. However, a shoe tree is not one of them. Regardless of their goofy appearance, they are an integral part of your footwear care.

These inserts (mostly wooden) assist in drying your shoes, preserving it’s actual shape, preventing cracks and creases from forming, and keeping them fresh as the day you bought them. 

Furthermore, this is not for a year or two, but quality show tree (if properly cared) can keep the shoe looking new-like for decades.

Plastic Or Wood SHOE Trees?

Ideally, shoe trees come in two variants. Plastic shoe trees that are more cost-effective, light-weight and ideal for travelling. But, despite a slightly high cost, cedar shoe trees offset plastic by lasting longer, adding a fresh cedar smell to the shoe and soaking up all the moisture. 


In the words of Mike Jillian - an expert in shoe repairs in Melbourne states

"...not wearing a particular shoe for a long time can cause it to shrink. But a quality shoe tree prevents that. It also slows down creases from forming by maintaining the true shape of the footwear."

Plus; you know how important is buffing and polishing a regular foot care. With the insertion of a quality shoe tree; you can easily brush them and keep them shining always. If anything, the presence of a quality shoe tree makes the polishing task a bit faster than usual.

Vasbert Collins- a shoe repair shop owner says:- 

“Cedar shoe tree contain lots of natural oils which don’t support bacterial, fungal growth and other forms of decay caused by moisture or water exposure... 

...Furthermore, its natural pungent odour repels insects and bad sweat smell.”

Getting The Right Shoe Tree:-

Shoe tree ‘Shapes... Prevents Creases... And Prolongs Its Lifetime.’ So, when searching for them; you should:-

  • Check if the shape is familiar to the feet, instead of being symmetrical.
  • See if they consist of numerous spring-loaded parts which will help to adjust to the closest, comfortable fit, as per the shape of the shoe.
  • Do check if they have articulated heels- meaning the heel should be shaped like a human heel, instead of some ball affixed to the end of the spring. 

Sam Price:- a shoe repair specialist serving around Melbourne says:-

“This is crucial as smaller ball pieces put more pressure on that small part of your footwear, and eventually distorts its shape with time and usage.”

Will Tree Shoes Help Stretch Shoes Too...?

It is very normal to get confused between a shoe tree and a shoe stretcher, and often many mistakenly think of them to be the same. But truth be told, shoe trees can help marginally stretch your footwear if it slightly tight in-fit.

But, if you are looking to alter the fit completely (meaning more than a pinch), then it is always best to use a shoe stretcher. Another alternative way of doing this is to request specialists offering top-grade Melbourne shoe repairs at industry-standard rates. 

Surely, they will mend your footwear into your appropriate fit, and with that add a few more years to it.

Wrap Up:-

So, now it’s clear if you need a shoe tree or not. Wooden shoe trees are always a better buy, and you should keep this in mind when buying one. You can consult with quality shoe makers/repairs in Melbourne about the right options. And if you need to stretch your footwear, feel free to convey that to these experts too.

Using their experience in handling different shoes, they will be more than pleased to come to your footwear mending rescue.

Author's Bio: 

The author offers quality shoe repairs in Melbourne at reasonable rates for years. With that, the author also educates the readers on all different types of top-grade Melbourne shoe repairs done via articles and blogs.