I know, it sounds like a science fiction movie. Time travel movies are my favorite. I love, love the idea of being able to move forward and backward in time to manipulate events. The work I do with clients involves a little bit of traveling across the waves of time.

You do it too, you know?

Each time you focus your mind on anything but the present you are time traveling. Do you ever find yourself thinking about the past or focusing your thoughts on future events?

When you do this you are time traveling. The mind cannot differentiate between actually being in that time or imagining it. So when you are imagining the future or the past the mind is living it as if it’s real, which is why you can become emotional.

What is happening in the present when you have traveled to another time?

It continues to tick, tock, tick, tock on by…with or without your conscious presence. When you are distracted, you feel as though time speeds up for you. When you are not in the now you are either in the past or the future, completely missing the now.

Distraction shrinks time!!!

The more distractions we have the faster time passes. You can master your time and increase your productivity by staying in the moment.

Save your time travel expeditions for therapeutic reasons and amplify your joy by remaining firmly planted in your now. Take a moment to cherish your child’s laughter and silliness, the compliment you received from your spouse, or the lunch with your girlfriends. You’ll be amazed at how time expands for you.

Michelle Lee

Author's Bio: 

I delight in teaching busy, overwhelmed and stressed women how to create 2-hours of “Me Time” every day without taking anything away from their family. Guiding women to make themselves a priority in their lives despite other obligations is my passion and my joy. I am the author of “Fall in Love…with your Self” self-hypnosis CD, “The 26 Hour Day” a free report, and "Self-Love...How to Get There from Here" workshop. I would love to speak for your group on self-love and about how the stories of religion effect us today. My website is www.WomanWithoutApology.com