If you believe you are disadvantaged in your life and that is why you can’t get ahead, that is exactly how your life will play out. It is impossible for you to have all the advantages that life has to offer if you don’t believe it is possible for you and that it belongs to you too! If you want to manifest for your life you must get rid of a lack mentality and develop an abundant mentality.

Keep thanking your Creator for all that you expect to receive. This is what faith is all about. Your circumstances may tell you otherwise, but your belief and faith tells you that at any moment, you will be receiving all of your best joys. Expect to see your life improve, expect to receive all that you are craving to experience, expect that your Creator is delivering to you all that you are seeking. That is how you manifest for your life. When we live in lack and limitations, we block our growth and possibilities.

Maybe it’s time for you to raise up and seek to reach your highest potential by being in gratitude, appreciation and praise to your Creator for all that you expect to receive. If you expect your life to be better you must think better thoughts and believe in your Creator to deliver what you are seeking. God can make things happen without a logical source. His ways are higher and better than we can explain and when you keep your faith, stay in gratitude and believe in a Source far greater than yourself becuase everything is possible! You will manifest for your life when you are, without a shadow of a doubt, doing your part to reach your highest potential. It’s time to embrace God’s plan for you and keep Him first place in your heart. Know that blessings will be handed to you and good breaks that you didn’t see will be coming into your life. Stop feeling disadvantaged and feeling less than, instead stay on the high road control your mind and believe that your Creator will deliver to you in His timing. Make sure you let good seeds take root!

Author's Bio: 

Joan Marie is a woman with a mission. She is an author, life coach and a lecturer currently residing on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Her objective is to help people awaken to their true potential by taking back command of their lives through the process of changing the way they act, think and live. Joan Marie considers herself as a “seed planter” and through her techniques/approach both men and women will awaken to their authentic self by heightening self-awareness, thus improving their daily performance as they enhance their quality of life.