So we all know that no one wants to be stuck all the time in overwhelm, always trying to catch up financially just to keep current? Always afraid of where our future lays. And aren’t we all sick of doing things alone and feeling like the other guy has a “secret” guidebook we never had?

And you know what one of the key hang-ups is for most people?

The fear of falling. In other words, fear of failure. This is one of the primary things that keeps most people from taking a chance on THEMSELVES! So, those great goals, dreams, and ambitions never even have a chance.

Now the funny thing is that as children, we fall a lot. I mean A LOT! But we always got back up and kept on trying.


Because we knew we would eventually walk. In fact we were determined to master it. We saw others do it before us, and there was even the bonus of eventually being able to run! So, children never get into the fear zone. They never say; “Well I guess walking is just meant for some lucky ones but not for me.” No! They kept on trying until they got it right.

Who else keeps on trying until they get it right? Successful people. The Top 1%.

Do they fall down? Of course. In fact, A LOT! But what makes them the Top 1% is that they know they will fall many more times and it’s all in how quickly they get up again that makes them the successful people they are today.

And as for luck – because we as a society tend to focus on those lucky people we see in the media – Typically, these are people who have won the lottery, and statistically end up back in their old habits and are broke or in trouble in no time.

And the other “lucky” rich people? These are primarily trust fund kids who the majority, too, also winds up broke or pathetic. Don’t believe me? Google millionaires who’ve won the lottery and see where most of them are today. Or just turn on the TV to see how many reality shows there are about former rich, spoiled, broke, kids.

But the Top 1%? They know the tools they need to make a great life for themselves and keep it!

So what do you think? Am I wrong? Are some of us just destined to fail? Or is this something we learned along the way, and then why can’t most unlearn it? Why would someone who is smart, driven, and has a great dream or idea never act on it because he’s afraid of failing?

Talk to me! Tell me what you think.

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Craig Copeland is an author and a speaker for several years and has recently begun speaking at seminars through his company the Reach Now Institute based on his new book "Finish What You Start": Unlocking The Success Secrets of the Top 1%.