Do you see yourself as a winner? If by chance you answered 'No' to this question, it reveals a lot about your self-esteem. By responding ‘No’ prevents you from winning. If you if you think you can’t…, you can’t. Thinking in this manner is limited. Limited thinking makes it difficult for us to succeed in achieving our goals. ‘No’ equates to both, ‘I can’t’ and ‘I won’t.’ Winning equals, “I CAN!” Winning is a great demonstration of the power that we have available within us. When we see ourselves as being a winner, we are able to achieve anything. When we believe we can, we are stating that we are willing and capable of achieving our goal(s) and that no one or no-thing can stop us. Our focus is crystal-clear in moving towards having and achieving our goal. Notice that when we are determined to win, nothing is going to stop us!

Think back to something you won and you’ll notice you didn’t quit. You didn’t give up. Quitting wasn’t an option. Winning is actually choosing to face all situations and circumstances with love. When we can see this, and know this other than in theory, we are capable of winning in every situation. When we act in a loving manner, we are holding in mind winning and being successful. It is always a good idea to practice being in the habit of reminding yourself on a regular basis that you are a winner. Wake up each day and say, “I’m a winner!” Pass by a mirror and say, “Yes, I am a winner! I’m successful!” By speaking positively to yourself and to others, allows you to be practice winning. When we actively practice being positive, we are disciplining ourselves to be more successful.

Think of a winner in any field and you’ll notice that they practice their craft often; regardless if they are on a little league team or are a professional athlete. Winners exist in all walks of life. Winners include a top salesperson, award winning: actors, singers, writers, architects, engineers, dancers, etc. All winners share common traits. Winners exude confidence. Winners strive to be the best. Winners believe, “I can do this! I am going to win! I am going to succeed! I have what it takes!” Winners are constantly moving towards victory. Winners venture to win and also to be positively rewarded for their efforts. Being a winner requires LOVING of one's self and loving one’s goals.

Winning always falls into the energies of courageousness, acceptance, and peace. In order to win in courageousness, means we can do it! Winning in acceptance, means we can have it! And, to win in peace, means we can be it! Winning is wonderful! To win at anything means we keep focused on our goals. We work on our goals daily.

Be certain to have short and long term goals (14-days, 90-days, 1-year, 5-years, etc.) Working on goals is pointing us towards what we would like to accomplish. By working on our goals also shows us where we are holding onto resistance and negative feelings. In all honesty, everything is an opportunity to excel. When we overcome the obstacles that we have created for ourselves, we are practicing the power of winning. Achieving goals is a skill that requires commitment, dedication and practice. Achievement, like any activity, is only as effective as our level of commitment.

In order for us to achieve success and triumph in areas of health, wealth, and relationships requires developing our commitment and dedication muscles. What we put in, is what we can logically expect to achieve from anything. The moment we take responsibility for the unpleasant situations that we are experiencing, we are moving towards being peaceful. In order for anyone to win, at anything, requires their moving into higher and more positive energy. By reminding ourselves frequently that we can successfully achieve our goals, makes achieving our goals more possible.

Keeping track of gains is an opportunity for you to be reminded of many positive things that have occurred. Gains, no matter how big or small, are great motivators. Gains are always positive. Each gain is noticing something positive and taking a moment to acknowledge it. Celebrate your successes! Keeping a gains journal will pleasantly surprise you as to how often you win. When we regularly enter gains into our notebooks, we are regularly experiencing and practicing winning. We are also moving into having more positive occurrences appear in our lives. Being positive is also a practice. By keeping gains, encourages us in gentle and loving ways to continue practicing being a winner at all times. It’s also a good idea to review your gains at the end of the week or month, just to be reminded of how much you have accomplished.

When we know firsthand that approval comes from within, it helps us to see that we are a winner. When we know that being safe, is holding in mind being safe at all times, that’s what we will be creating. When we know without a doubt that by eliminating wanting to control or wanting to change is when we know, we are in control and in acceptance. Once we have learned these skills effectively, we can begin to appreciate everything as being perfect. Accepting everything as perfect indicates that we are living in the present moment.

Each and every decision that we make is either one towards positive or one towards negative. Life is a decision! Ask yourself, “Would you rather be playing on a winning team or a losing one?” Notice your answer… Deciding to be a winner is a choice. Winning requires practice. It’s ok to fake it until you make it. Winning is about perseverance, excellence and mastery. Keep working on your goals and moving towards the “finish line.” Crossing the finish line requires determination. Give yourself permission to play a winning game in all that you do. Also, be certain to have a good time along the way! Winning and having fun is allowed!

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Larry Crane has been teaching The Release® Technique to executives of Fortune 500 companies for years. He has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, psychologists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that are holding people back from having total abundance and joy in their lives.

The Release Technique has been taught to over 100,000 graduates worldwide. The Abundance Course IS the Release Technique, the original Release Technique Method as taught by Lester Levenson.