Do you run your business or
does your business run you?

A lot of small business owners put themselves in an unlikely position in their own companies.
Consider this scenario: the company owner who has thirty individuals working for him in the business does all the work. Or is very heavily involved in the day-to-day operations.
What is the stage?
Do you find that your company is so dependent on you that you just can’t move away from it? Would it not be great that your business would look after itself?
Well, then – here is the good news! It’s possible.
However, you need to understand one fundamental reality: Individuals should never run a business – Systems ought to. You only require people to operate your own systems.
All too often, Business Owners get caught within the snare of doing everything. You feel that no one can perform anything, or at best the actual “important” issues, as well as you can.
Or maybe, you need to spend just a little time correcting your own crew’s mistakes and they will be fine.
If you think these unfortunate statements affect a person, here’s some advice:
STOP the actual insane delusion that you’re the only one who can do the JOB!
Should you remain involved in the task, you’re just one of your own employees! Which means that you’ve hired yourself into Work. A common joke about a “self-employed J.To.W.” is that you will forever end up being Approximately Shattered!
How many years are you able to slog as a Self-Employed, doing everything by yourself? You are an individual. A robot or machine must rest, or be changed. The best way to replace yourself is not through someone else, but with a Program!
A SYSTEM or program doesn’t always make reference to something high-tech. It’s more about the actual administration process flow that get issues running smoothly.
Systemizing your business is vitally important for the success of the company. About 80% of what’s completed in your business can be systemized. Take a moment to determine all of the routine things that are done in your company. Now record the best way to achieve these duties.
However, creating systems isn’t enough. You have to ensure that the methods are simple to follow, and easy to complete. If you do not allow it to be easy, it won’t be done, or at best it won’t be consistent.
With systems and processes in position, it’s simply using a few people to operate individual systems. Erina Gerber’s book, The actual E-Myth Revisited, illustrates how essential these methods are for companies to be successful.
A great number of companies that possess established systems have flourished through the years. Their own strong methods possess even helped them to franchise their own companies worldwide. Burger King is a good actual life example.
To construct a great business, replace yourself with a good program right now!

Author's Bio: 

Gary is the president of Success Corporation, LTD. He is very passionate about helping people and businesses succeed. He has been a student of business for 30 years and an entrepreneur for 10. He has worked with large corporations, small businesses and non-profits to lower costs and increase revenues. Gary has helped several start-up companies go from zero dollars to over $500,000 in gross sales in 12 months. He has helped second and third year compnaies go from $500,000 to $1.2 million in less than a year's time. He has helped others in decreasing costs by $500,000.
Gary has experience working with a variety of businesses including telecommunications, financial, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation and construction. He has a BA degree from Franklin College and has won national and state awards for communication, public relations, marketing and community service. His customer service training program has received national recognition.