“Do You Rely on Medicines?”
• 1. Me: “I sure do, when I get a headache, I run for the Aspirins. Indigestion calls for Alka Seltzer. My testimony your Honor, is that they work 100% of the time.”

• 2. You: “So what, who-cares, and mainly, WIIFM, (What’s In It For Me?) Everyone runs for the medicine, doctor or hospital. So what’s new?”

• 3. Me: “Expand home remedy medicines to Drugs proscribed by physicians, and we hit a wall called the
Placebo-Effect. Don’t get nervous, this ties in with SpeedReading101.org

• In fact what Drugs do to sell themselves to millions who do NOT need or benefit from them, PLACEBO (Latin: I-will-please-you) is what makes SpeedReading really easy-to-learn.”

• 4. You: “What’s wrong with Drugs, we agreed they help people, and why is it a good thing for learning SpeedReading?”

• 5. Me: “The top guns in the AMA have come around to standing-up to the Media (TV, radio, even the Web) for advertising drugs like candy.

• Blame for turning the U.S. & the world into Junkies is shared by the physicians themselves by “over-proscribing drugs”.

• Finally, the professional medical organizations are in bed with & bought-off by the Drug manufacturers, and their big money. We have created a society addicted to hard Drugs.”

• 6. You: “That’s not common knowledge, is it?”

• 7. Me: “The Placebo effect is the belief by the public that if your doctor (in his fancy white coat) says you should take expensive pills for the next ten-years, it is a scientific
Fact. You have no option but obey, right?”

• 8. You: “Who says Drugs are dangerous and should not be prescribed unless you are at death’s door?

• 9. Me: “From Harvard Medical School, Dr. Irving Kirsch, Dr. Alex Cahana, University of Washington, & Dr. Dan Cherkin, Group Health Research Institute in Seattle.
They work is published in the top journals & ignored.”

• 10. You: “That’s nice, but when you’re sick with pain, any port will do, right? What’s the alternative to Drugs?”

• 11. Me: “Half the time the symptoms disappear because the Mind-Body-Connection heals us without Drugs, using the Natural Killer immune system, Thymus Immune, and
Lymphatic nervous system.

• I’m not a hero but for me, a five-minute meditation clears up my allergies instead of being dependent on sprays & pills.”

• 12. You: “Are you crying, “conspiracy?”

• 13. Me: “I believe in scientific research and the power of drugs to heal. But when billions of dollars are up for grabs, and the government pays based a signature on a piece of paper, Drug companies and doctors tend to over-proscribe.”

• 14. You: “So you’re saying what Christian Science said by Mary Eddy Baker, a 100 years ago. It is our THINKING and Emotions that is directly linked with Health, well-being & longevity. Yeah?”

• 15. Me: “I call it the Power of Suggestion, and the path-of-least-resistance. My Doc said it, so it must be true. It’s un-American to not follow their orders. Unscientific.”

• 16. You: “What has this Placebo go to do with Speedreading?”

• 17. Me: “It’s another ‘head-thing’. If you involve your mental thinking, and in particular, Intention to be a speedreader, then mentally visualize, and access your feelings and emotions. You will easily 3x (triple) your learning skills.”

• 18. You: “It’s really that easy?”

• 19. Me: “No, because folks cannot get out their own way.
They sabotage learning by their resistance to giving up the old, lousy way of learning and remembering.

• Remember this because it is a scientific fact: you change your thinking (mind), and you change your LIFE & Fortune. Speedreading 101.org has the strategies that make it baby-easy to save two-hours daily and to read-and-remember 300-pages daily. Just let go.”
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler
P.S. “The faster you learn, the more you EARN.”
And, “You SNOOZE, you lose.”

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Bernard Wechsler, director of education, www..speedreading101.org

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