It is smart to occasionally take a calculated risk because hesitation can ruin opportunity. The calculation is in the intuitive feel that the idea will work out well. However, nothing is guaranteed, and this is where we find the risk.

“A full pipeline of opportunity minimizes potential loss."

When sales management asks for month-end predictions, be specific and confident. It is best to focus on the top tier possibilities. Otherwise, we put ourselves in the interrogation phase. There is never a 100% guarantee any sale will finalize. A business can go bankrupt; a competitor may lowball your offer, or the funds do not come through.

Asking these three questions of prospective clients will assist your predictions:

1. Are we still on track for the timeline indicated?
2. Have any new steps been added, of which I should be aware?
3. Shall we set a date and time to finalize business?

The three questions indicate whether or not to include the business in your forecast.


Many entrepreneurs will throw money at whatever comes their way. Consequently, the loss can be more significant than the anticipation of a good outcome. In the early days of entrepreneurship, I carefully observed the actions of others. Their decisions reminded me of the Silicon Valley coding mantra, ‘garbage in and garbage out.’ Most quit their endeavors within the first year.

Another friend is a talented writer. She inquired about my journey as a writer. My differentiator has always been to stay ahead of the crowd because hesitation can ruin opportunity. Long ago, I was advised to write a book. Although I never wrote anything significant prior, I knew there was nothing to lose. I was at the beginning of building a business, and it made sense to move forward.

Stories about being the pioneer saleswoman on all-male teams came to life with the written word. Honesty, innocence, and outrageous stories helped women around the world. The book, Nice Girls DO Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results became an International Best-Seller. It helped with marketing and built my brand. And men began reading the book to see what they might be missing.

My friend is seeking out possibilities of getting her latest book formally published. Over time, prices inflate, and competition increases. She was stopped in her tracks to learn of today’s fees; admittedly, so was I.

Upon hearing her request for ideas; I provided the following suggestions:
• Weigh the income gain against the upfront fees
• Decide if the reward will outweigh the debt
• Research newer strategies and platforms that cost less to be ahead of the competition
• Set the standard that works best for you
• Commit to your decision and give it your all

All endeavors, including interviewing for a job, being an entrepreneur, or a salesperson, require quick assessments of possibilities. Trial and error teach us how to adjust and improve our decision-making process. At stake is our personal brand, and that requires keeping our priorities and values with us at all times.

Time and money are partners involved in most of our decisions.

The next time you have an important one to make, ask yourself the following:

1. Is it worthwhile to continue?
2. Will the good outweigh the downside?
3. Is my passion strong enough to help make this a success?

The answer to the last question is the differentiator for doing well. We realize hesitation can ruin opportunity. No matter how tough the going gets, will you continue going? Although a fleeting thought of quitting may come to mind, your habit is to push it aside quickly and move forward.

Consider everything you have on the agenda awaiting your actions. Recommit to making it happen and do so with enthusiasm. As others see you cheerfully moving forward, they will want to join you. Accordingly, new and more exciting opportunities will be waiting, and the year will end on a high note.

Sales Tips: Realize Hesitation Can Ruin Opportunity
1. When a crazy idea arrives, consider it from all angles
2. Think about the pros and cons of new a new approach
3. Check for excitement or intrigue when an offer comes
4. Ask underlying questions about a new process or partnership
5. Inquire about the purpose of a new trend
6. Determine if an idea will be in alignment with your priorities
7. Be certain the suggestion will keep you motivated to continue
8. Verify expenses involved for moving forward
9. Confirm everyone will benefit from the new partnership
10. Celebrate Success!

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