The time had come for me to see my friend Wain again, and I was looking forward to telling him about my time in Stockholm, Sweden. But, I knew that this wouldn’t be a time when we would simply talk about what we had been up to.

I knew that we wouldn’t talk about ‘normal’ things, and this is because when we spend time together, we go a lot deeper than this. Our meet ups are usually mind expanding, to say the least.

The Trip

I started off by talking about what I did whilst I was away and this started off the interaction on a lighter note. Shortly after this, he spoke about an area in his life that was providing him with a fair amount of insight.

It was clear that this area of his life wasn’t completely serving him, yet he wasn’t willing to blame anyone else for what was taking place. And, by putting up with this, he could see that he was sending himself a number of different messages.


What this comes down to is that when we put up with behaviour or a situation that is not in our best interest, we are telling ourselves that this is what we deserve. This is what will go straight into our unconscious mind.

It is then not necessary for us to tell ourselves that we don’t deserve better, as this is what is taking place indirectly. To emphasise this point, he spoke about how a few of his friends behave when they are at a restaurant.

A Clear Message

He said that if their food is not presented in the right way, they will have no qualms in sending it back. After he shared this, it made me think about a number of occasions when I had put up with bad service.

By behaving in this manner and not putting up with bad service, his friends were telling themselves that they deserve better. Still, he was only too aware of how this can be taken too far, causing someone to become a prima donna and to attract more situations that are of a similar nature.

All Areas

I started to think about the other areas of my life where I put up with things that don’t fully serve me. I said to Wain that the so-called small things that we put up with have a big effect on us.

He ended up talking about how it all comes back to ‘how we see ourselves’ and how this defines what we do or don’t tolerate. This is something that he has spoken about at great length in our previous meetings

Something to Think About

Taking this into account, it shows how important it is to be mindful of what we feel comfortable with. Yet, even if we feel comfortable with something that doesn’t serve us, it doesn’t mean that we have to berate ourselves.

Instead, we can congratulate ourselves for becoming aware of something that deserve serve us and then to look into what we can do to change it. It may just be a case of changing our behaviour, or a different approach may be required.

The Messenger

When I think about the impact that Wain has had on my life and look back on what he has spoken about over the years, it is clear that he has a lot to share with the world. I feel that this is just the beginning and that there is so much more to come from him.

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