One of the hardest things a husband like you will ever go through is learning about your wife's affair.

If you find yourself suddenly picking up on signs of a cheating wife, then this article might be one of the most important things you ever read.

"What signs my wife is cheating should I be on the lookout for?"

Hold up there, cowboy.

I want to warn you that learning these signs of a cheating wife won't be easy or fun.

Just the opposite.

If you're up for it, carefully consider each sign of cheating below to identify whether or not your wife may be unfaithful behind your back.

I don't want you to automatically assume she is.

It's one thing to be suspicious, it's another thing to incriminate your wife before the investigation even begins.

All that being said, here are the signs of a cheating wife you should know...

Sign #1. Your Wife is Not Interested in Sex Anymore

One of the most recognized warning signs of an affair is that your spouse no longer seems to have the same passionate interest in your sex life.

If your spouse emotionally or physically withdraws when you mention the idea of being intimate with one another, then you can pretty well guarantee that there is a problem somewhere.

Sign #2. You Catch Your Wife Keeping Secrets in a White Lie

This is another tip that's probably pretty obvious, but I know that some husbands need to hear it before it clicks.

If you sense that your wife has been becoming more and more secretive, be on your guard.

If you already suspect cheating, then this might signal that your wife is cheating on you.

Sign #3. A Sudden Change in Behavior

Any sudden changes in behavior should be noted when detecting cheating

A wife who's suddenly restless at home is a good sign that she's got something else - or someone else - on her mind.

If you can't figure out why your wife doesn't want to be around the house anymore, then the worst is probably true.

Sign #4. Your Wife Tells You Not to Visit Her Work

Has your wife told you she doesn't want you to visit her at work?

Many men and women have extramarital affairs with coworkers, so it could be that they don't want you at their workplace to figure out who they're cheating with.

If you notice your wife seems averse to you visiting her place of work, then you might want to find a way to dig further into this. Especially if she's been working late or working overtime a lot; heck, I've even heard of women going in early for work to meet a lover.

Sign #5. Your Wife Smells Like a Man OR Like Fresh Perfume

Let me ask you a question:

Do you know what kind of perfume your wife uses?

If so, then this shouldn't be too difficult for you.

If you notice that your wife suddenly smells more like cologne than perfume, then you're almost certainly dealing with a cheater.

You'll also want to be on the lookout for:

* Weirdly timed showers, as if she's anxious to bathe as soon as she arrives home

* An obviously fresh and strong application of her choice perfume (What is she hiding?)

* Wet hair or nice smelling skin when she gets home from a "long day at work"

Sign #6. Your Wife Becomes Experimental in the Bedroom

Does your wife suddenly seem sexually charged with the desire to be aggressive during sex?

Is she suddenly wanting to try new positions or otherwise exploring new realms of intimacy?

It's not always the case, but many times an affair can set off a period of sexual frenzy in your spouse, especially during or before a midlife crisis.

Sign #7. You Miss Your Good Bye Kiss

When you and your wife parted ways this morning, did she leave you with a good bye kiss?

Or...did she run out the door without looking back, anxious to get out to the day before her?

Here is the definition of polite disengagement: When your wife isn't mean to you, but she just doesn't "connect" with you the same way anymore.

Many cheating women won't have the time or interest to do something so simple as give you a goodbye kiss, so watch out for further signs of cheating.

This sign of a cheating wife indicates where you stand in her list of priorities.

Sign #8. Her Car Changed Without You

You get in your wife's car and notice that the passenger seat is in a distinctly different position than you left it...

Almost like someone had tried to readjust it?

If your wife is meeting her lover to hook up in her car, then there are almost guaranteed to be signs of a cheating somewhere in the vehicle.

I could write a whole article solely about finding signs of cheating in a vehicle, so I encourage you to have a peek inside her car to see what turns up. You may stumble upon a pivotal sign your wife is seeing other men.

I know it can be hard to accept that your wife is cheating on you, but it's important that you maintain a cool head throughout all of this.

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I'm sure that you still have some questions after reading this article. Don't worry, that's normal. If you don't know for sure whether or not you can recover from your wife having an affair, then you'll definitely want to learn more about why your wife cheated.

Alternatively, if you know for a fact that your wife cheated on you and you want to rebuild your marriage from the pain and get your wife back, then here's what I recommend:

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Whatever you do, remember that you're strong and you're a man. Don't ever forget it!

Thanks for reading, it's been a pleasure writing for you.