During the beginning of my healing journey, in 2003, it was like I was walking around in the dark. I had no idea about what was going on and I also had no idea about how I was going to change my life.

One of the first things that I did, in order to try to understand what was going on, was to read a book. This was written by Louise L Hay, and I think it was ‘You Can Heal Your Life’.

Just In Time

When I got home later that day and started reading the book, I ended up staying up until I could no longer keep my eyes open. I needed to hear about what was written in the book and I was energised by it.

Fortunately, I was curious and I wasn’t willing to simply tolerate how my life was. After this point, I continued to read different books and, about four years later, I ended up working with a healer.

It Made Sense

Although I enjoyed reading books and applying what I had learnt, what I was doing was no longer cutting it. I knew that I had to take the next step and to work with someone who could both understand and assist me.

When I started having this support, I was able to receive something that I hadn’t been able to provide for myself and to learn things I hadn’t learnt before. There was also the healing that took place.

A Journey

The idea that needing help was a sign of weakness didn’t resonate with me; as far as I was concerned, it was the sensible thing to do. Through having this outlook, it allowed me to continue to reach out to different healers and mentors.

Over the years, I have been assisted by numerous people, and each time I have learnt something new and experienced some kind of healing. What I can say, and I can say this with absolute certainty, is if I hadn’t been assisted by these people, I probably wouldn’t be here, let alone be where I am today.


There was what these people knew and then there was their ability to hold the space, so that I could go where I wouldn’t have gone by myself. I was also accepted as I was and this allowed me to gradually develop self-acceptance.

And while I had a lot of inner wounds, with these wounds affecting how I say myself, they saw beyond all of this. Thanks to this, I was able to let go of a lot of what wasn’t me and to move forward.

How Can I Serve You?

Perhaps this has given you a rough idea about what it can be like to have somewhere there for you, to have your back. One of the ways that I can do this is for you is through the personalised consultations that I offer via Skype, Zoom, or in-person if you live close by. ​

If you would like to know more, please go to – www.oliverjrcooper.co.uk/consultations. If you are committed to your own healing, it would be an honour to assist you on your journey.

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