Let me tell you what frustrates me. The frustration comes from my own limitation to help people in a certain position, I simply do not know how to get this type of person past the point they are stuck at. This is not to say I do not know how to fix the problem, because I have a pretty good idea, but it is how to get people to take this bitter medicine that I am stuck.

The condition is apathy. People who just have no great motivation to do anything, nothing is interesting in life, nothing is exciting, there appears to be no point in life at all, and they cannot get themselves up and energetic to do anything.

The problem is comfort. These people tend to have enough or too much money, they do not have to work for it, the government supports them, or they find ways to live so that they can survive on any pittance they have. There is no threat to their survival.

Let me be clear here, we are speaking of people who have this comfort and have grown up with it, and not people who are in the worst of third world conditions. They are a different case and I would deal with their condition differently. The basic differences are clear; education and the ability to get out of their own little village are just the beginning.

Because there is no danger of having no home or food or clothing, the natural survival instinct becomes dormant and with it, a particular energy dies. This is the energy which gets you up in the morning. If you lived outside in the forest and knew that lions wake up and hunt just before dawn, and they eat any sleeping creature, you would naturally wake up well before sunrise.

In modern terms, in countries which do not have strict labour laws that prevent a person from getting fired at any moment without reason as is in China, people do not call in sick or avoid going to work because they are in a bad mood or not feeling perfect. They go to work on time or early no matter what because if they do not, they will not have a job later that day.

All of the so called laws and standards which are meant to protect employees and citizens have in fact worked to the peoples detriment by making everyone soft. You are able to give in to increasing weaknesses of character because you can get away with not pushing yourself.

Political correctness is the worst thing that happened to people. It allows anyone to control the world simply by getting insulted and throwing a temper tantrum because someone called them by the wrong name. This is ridiculous! What kind of person cannot let words be words and just move forward getting the job done. I wonder if the children’s saying when I was a kid has been made illegal! “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me.”

I grew up with this simple saying that kids would yell at each other when other kids would call them names. And now with PC culture, it seems that humans are being taught the exact opposite, words can kill me so if you say the wrong thing, I will start a war and shoot you, or just sue you.

Your world has become terribly soft, and it is not hard to see the disastrous future ahead as this is clearly a rapid growing cancer eating away at the soul of every human being both from the weakness of being too delicate as well as the fear to speak the truth of what you think. Soon we will see prison sentence for farting!

Humans are naturally lazy, that is a smart design of the body, conserve energy. Of course in PC culture, if you call someone lazy you can get in big trouble, however if you say to the very same person that they are conserving energy, then you get applause. Either way, someone is sitting on their bum and not making the most out of life.

If you have no great motivation to get to work, and you find things difficult or unpleasant and hard to do, and nothing is exciting or you do not have anything interesting in your life, then you simply have too much comfort and have a very big warm security blanket. It is time to grow up and take responsibility for your life and your future if you want to be more than a lump of meat eating the food and then worrying about how can the planet provide enough food for the growing population.

The cure is one I cannot tell anyone to do, because if it goes wrong then you blame me instead of taking responsibility for your own actions. But if for example, I was talking to myself, I would observe the difference between people like myself who have succeeded in life and other people who complain that there is nothing exciting. I would see that I did not have clothing or shoes to wear when I was young. I had to find the money and buy my own shoes when I was 13 years old, and have taken care of myself since then. I have worked at whatever jobs I could get to make the money to survive because there was no other way to eat.

I would never sit back and wait for something to happen, I would go and make it happen. If I wanted to learn or change something in myself, I would go and ask for help, I would make every effort to get what I needed and I never said that I was too tired or sick or wanted to play instead of doing the dirty work even late into the night. I would follow instructions and guidance without thinking I was smarter and put in every effort possible before letting any weakness of ego get me to hide in a warm protected shell.

Let’s look at this problem in the rise and fall of countries. There was a time when ‘made in USA’ meant that it was a very well made product and items made in Japan were rubbish. The Americans grew very rich and then realized that they did not have to work so hard, they could pay the cheap Japanese to do the work for them. Eventually, the Japanese, a very smart culture who improves on everything they found, then eventually Taiwan and the rest of Asia and now China, took the manufacturing away from the USA and grew while we can see the clear decline of the american empire.

This is what happens when you have too many comforts and not enough reason to work to survive. You get fat and die while others get stronger and eventually control you. I suggest you take some time to travel to or look at the African and Indian or other asian countries to see what life could be like. Get a bit of that need to survive attitude and ‘do or die’ concept into your life. If you have the strength to do this, you will start to value every breath you take, each moment of your life, and make good use of your time here instead of sitting back and waiting for everything to be done for you.

Energy is life. There are different types of energy. Motivation requires a particular energy. That energy comes when there is a reason to work for survival. If there is no need to put in effort to survive, then the factory does not make the energy, it is a question of demand and supply.

If there is the risk that having a tremendous amount of success and wealth would mean that the factory stops producing energy to the point that the machine dies, then the survival instinct will prevent that level of success. If there is a point at which there will be enough money to survive then the energy factory will only produce enough energy to maintain that level and your life will just float past until it ends an uneventful dull existence.

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