Those that find themselves stuck in life are in need of a change. Many people know this, so many people try to make some life changes as a way of creating a different future.

It's a great thought, but it's one that comes with a very simple problem – you don't need to change your life. You need to make radical life changes.

The Difference Between Normal Changes and Radical Change

The greatest issue that gets in the way of changing your life is motivation. See, the mind is conditioned to try to do the least possible and stay comfortable. It wants your mind and body to make as little effort as it can to try to save energy and reduce stress.

When you make small life changes, your mind sees them and thinks "this is hard, I'm going to give up" and eventually you stop. You may make a small change or two – maybe you're even able to keep up with them – but the rest fall by the wayside, and eventually your life seems just as it was, or maybe only a little bit better.

What you need are radical changes – radical changes that show your brain that you're about to make your life completely different. In a way, you're challenging your brain, exclaiming "Let's Do This!" at the top of your lungs and motivating your brain to make the changes with you.

Just like Olympic athletes that push themselves to the limit, you're inspiring your brain to make a massive overhaul of the way it thinks, the energy it creates, and more. It's not about deciding to make some changes. It's about radical life changes that inspire every part of you to be more than you ever through possible.

How Can I Change My Life?

Small changes simply are not enough to inspire your brain to be the best it can possible be, and maybe even better. The best way to understand this is with examples:

Small Change: I want to get a promotion, so I'm going to try harder at work.

Radical Change: I am going to wake up one hour earlier every day and work 10 hour shifts while challenging myself to complete projects to the best of my ability and contribute a report of ideas of how to improve the company's long term viability. I will also enroll in several evening classes to expand my Spanish vocabulary to be a better employee for international and growing markets.

People that wonder "how can I change my life" are often focused too much on vague ideas and small changes, and the brain response is to do them for a while and think "this is too hard, I'm going to give up." Radical life changes are about making massive overhauls towards your goals, and getting ready to prove to yourself and others that you are going to be as great as possible.

Coming Up With the Radical Changes of a Better Life

How can I change my life is a great question, but it's one that needs to be answered with more than just a decision. "I am ready to change my life" is a great start, and "I'm going to do make X, Y, and Z, better" is a great idea, but they're not enough. Those that only make the decision to change their life are going to find that their brain stands in their way.

But those that are ready to make radical, amazing changes are going to find that they see a real result. Their mind, body, and soul are all excited and ready to commit to these amazing differences, and they're able to find true, outstanding success in everything they undertake.

As a life coach, our goal is to prepare you for radical changes, and motivate you throughout the entire process. Contact us today and find out how to get started with these radical life changes today.

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