"Giving people a little more than they expect is a good way to get back a lot more than you'd expect." Quote by - Robert Half

Are you willing to do anything to keep a promise or commitment? When you do you build trustworthiness, integrity and self-esteem. This applies to professional commitments, as well as those in general or a personal commitment. To keep a commitment requires effort and an awareness of what you have made the commitment to do.

Self-awareness is the major key here. In order to keep your commitment you must realize what your moral values are and how worthy you believe the commitment is. It is nearly impossible to keep a commitment when you lack the ability to judge what the consequences may be. Is it important to you? How will it benefit the other person? How much time and money is involved?

Once you make a choice to say yes and the commitment agrees with your values and to your passions, go for it. Make sure it is never an unintentional or random decision. There must be a reason for your choice.

Self-expression is another major key. Who you are and how you act and live in society or your relation to world issues must be compatible with your true self and how you wish to express yourself. Whenever your commitment can express your most important values, this is a good feeling. Be honest in your decision. Then, self-expression becomes the heart of your commitment.

If there was a way to foresee the outcome of a commitment, it would be much easier to do. Vision brings about the motivation to commit or make promises. Vision and motivation are tied together. To produce the outcome you desire, develop a mental picture of what you wish to happen. You then intensify your motivation so that the best result happens.

What is the result you wish to see when making a commitment? This may encourage you to be and act your best. Always refuse to accept less than the best from yourself and from others, too, especially those to whom the commitment is made. So, continue to improve your vision. Be clear on what you wish to accomplish from committing - this contributes to living and giving your personal best.

In making a commitment, you are sending a verbal or a nonverbal message to the other person. The actions you take to keep the commitment are what matters. If you ignore the commitment and do not take action, your truthfulness, honesty, and self-esteem is at risk. Before committing, be aware of your words and your actions. If your word is given in haste, it may be difficult to follow-thru on your decision.

Once a commitment is given for what you believe or for something you want to happen, you have agreed to follow-thru. And when the commitment or decision ends well, the outcome is worth it.

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