I love it too, but you know what? I like to read from the bottom up, Ahh Yes it's also weird haha, many people do this actually our brain wants to unravel or get the information as fast as it can. So we start somewhere near the bottom, expecting to understand the crux of the paragraph in the shortest possible time. But then we realize that you can't understand it unless you read the lines above it. Its bad habit I know but this what I do most of the time.

Forgetting tidbits of information isn't weird at all, but forgetting facts that you really ought to know — like why you just walked into a room or the name of your own child — is definitely a little odd. Yet, these so-called brain farts occur rather frequently for us humans.

Today I was reading an article on a website and going through one article to another article spending my free time and then suddenly I noticed more weird things I often do, So, here are a few ways I'm weird:

1. I don't watch tv

2. I'm inspired & energized by the sea, diving, sea-life, being at the coast, 60s surf culture, people who sail around the world, beach huts, coastal bird-watching, photos of coastal homes, & so on

3. In my ideal world, everyone's first goal would be to fully understand themselves

4. I always dress in pink or purple

5. I sometimes blame other people when my life isn't going the way I want it to (yes I see the irony given what I just in No. 3!)

6. I often search for weird stuff on the internet and explore the number of websites to read out the published articles. Nowadays I have found a website & they are publishing a number of articles and I love to spend time on it.

Global Bizarre uncovers strange facts, conspiracy theories, unexplained mysteries, weird stuff, and esoteric knowledge within our mysterious universe.

At Global Bizarre, I feel that I don’t always have to agree, but I do have to explore, search, and understand that there are things that I cannot comprehend. Do I rearrange our conception of the world to accommodate a more comfortable picture of reality?

If you are the same as I am, If you love to read & explore weird stuff you should definitely visit this site and you will see how your time will pass & you will not fee bored anymore.

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New York Times bestselling author Ali Kashif writes sweet, fun, action-packed mysteries. His characters are clever and fearless, but in real life, Ali is also working in digital Marketing space servicing clients domestically and online.

Ali also writes books, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. He’s best known for writing digital marketing content, including the New York Times bestseller Search Engine Optimization Tactics.