“Do You Live in a Touch-Phobic Society?”
• 1. Me: “Are You a skeptic like me? Here something that I researched in scientific journals that Surprised me. Interested?”

• 2. You: “Is it long and drawn-out, or philosophy & theory? Will it do me any good? Tell me.”

• 3. Me: “It’s about influencing and persuading people to your point of view. That’s what we’re doing all day except when we’re sleeping, right?”

• 4. You: “Right. Marketing is another name for convincing people that we have something that will benefit them. Solve a problem they have, agreed?”

• 5. Me: “Yup. The research is from DePauw University, (Indiana). The lead author is professor Mathew Hertenstein. His work stands for a weird idea: that our sense of touch is a language. Get this.

• “Touch” reads and communicates these 8-emotions. Anger-Fear-Love-Gratitude-Disgust-Sympathy-Sadness & Happiness. We are connected to those we touch or people who touch us.”

• 6. You: “I don’t get it. So what?”

• 7. Me: “Touch is one of the Big-Three senses. V-A-K (vision-auditory-Kinesthetic (K is the scientific term for your sense of touch). That means your SKIN sends you information. Touching the skin stimulates Pressure Receptors about our Emotions.”

• 8. You: “Clear as mud. Examples might help.”

• 9. Me: “OK, self-massage, you hugging yourself or rubbing your hands together, or stroking your neck, releases STRESS hormones. You relax & feel better.

• When someone else rubs your shoulder or even shakes hands with you, you relax, smile, and feel positive thoughts and emotions. Wait. You getting touched, changes your breathing from shallow to deep.

• Your mind-body connection receives a jolt of Oxygen and Glucose, for increased energy. You feel better & improve your level of thinking and long-term memory. You can learn new knowledge & skills 40% faster. Is that worthwhile?”

• 10. You: “Now it makes sense. And it’s science?”

• 11. Me: “Touch causes the release of the Oxytocin neurotransmitter. It creates Trust & bonding between people. Just by touching, or being touched, our mind-body connection goes positive. Other people become part of us.

• For brainiacs: just by our sense of touch, we are 78% accurate in deciding the specific emotion involved. If by
‘chance’, the figure would be only 25%.

People ask us the Part of the brain involved. It’s the Primary Somatosensory Cortex. Forget the name, picture mentally a Sporting event. The players are doing Chest-Bumps, Hi-Fives, & Backslaps. They touch each other as a reward.”

• 12. You: “But does all that physical stuff mean anything?”

• 13. Me: “The NBA has a team of psychologists to analyze winning & losing attitudes. Their research reveals that teams who have the largest amount of team-touching as rewards for success, produce the most wins during the season. It predicts who wins the Crown.

• NBA recognizes TOUCH as a contagious sense for victories. It improves team-play and a winning attitude.”

• 14. You: “Very nice information, but how do I use it. What’s in it for me?”

• 15. Me: “For students, we tell them to prep for an exam for one-minute by a baby-easy touching exercise. If you sit down and relax. Close your eyes. Now for just 30-seconds massage your neck. Rub the back, and come around to the front of your neck. Focus on how good it feels.

• Now massage for 30-seconds your shoulders. First your left, then your right with the opposite hand. Mentally concentrate on how relaxed it makes you feel.
• Now open your eyes and keep a SMILE (teeth & eyes) on your face and go ACE the exam. This applies to an going for an INTERVIEW, giving a presentation, or doing anything important. Using your touch as a STRESS-Busting works.”

• 16. You: “That kind of makes sense. I might just try it for making a sales presentation.”

• 17. Me: “We live in a society that is afraid of people Smiling because they are not serious enough. We are Touch-Phobic because it might be interpreted as SEXUAL.

• When you pat someone on the shoulder or give a strong handshake, you improve your emotional relationship with them. Touch is your secret skill to winning people to your ideas. Test it and if it works for you, use it.”

• See ya,

• Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler
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