Did you know that 95% of all athletes have not clearly defined their goals? Defined is to the essential qualities necessary to reach your goal. Focused, single-minded intention about your goals directly affects your success. A well-defined goal connects you to your vision.

Developing your chief aim, your purpose, will set you up for success. Last week I spoke with Jarvis Green, Defensive End for the Houston Texans. The story of his success, on and off the field, is impressive. His vision encompassed his career as an athlete, building a business to support him and his family once he retired from football as well as developing a foundation to give back to the community.

His desire for success, sustaining a specific lifestyle for him and his family, was a dominating thought in his consciousness. Consciously, and subconsciously, Jarvis is constantly on the alert for information and knowledge to help him achieve his purpose.

Jarvis’s approach to his athletic career is particularly poignant because I have also spoken with several other professional athletes this past week about the downfall they experienced once their career as an athlete was over. Lack of preparation, skills and vision deeply impacted their lives once their athletic career ended.

Consider where you are now. Take the time to develop clearly defined goals for yourself. Create the vision of your achievement. Craft a singular defined purpose as your destination.

Now approach this as if you are building a house. You would never be permitted to build a house without a plan. It would lead to utter chaos. The work would be haphazard without plans, lacking direction. Workers would get in each other’s way; building materials would be scattered about. Everyone would have a different vision of the final house resulting in frustration, plus ineffective use of time, effort and finances.

Why would you approach your performance goals any differently? You need a blueprint for the layout, mapping out all the general details. Your coach is similar to the general contractor, overseeing each step of the way. Then there are the specialists, the coaches, trainers and family to support you in their unique area of expertise.

Napoleon Hill, from The Law of Success, states.”If success depends upon power, and if power is organized effort, and if the first step in the direction of organization is a definite purpose, then one may easily see why such a purpose is essential.”

Developing a clear direction is the obvious advantage to developing your vision, writing down your goals and then creating the blueprint. Connecting with your purpose also has underlying, hidden benefits as well.

• Clarity, focus and direction.
• Increased confidence as you take each step toward your goal
• Ability to move beyond your fears, getting in the way of your success
Empowerment to choose actions complimenting your vision
• Developing partnerships and alliances to strategize the next step toward your goal

The collaboration developed between your coach, your support team and you create an organized effort. This means you don’t have to do it all yourself. Others work alongside you toward your goal, contributing to the team effort. Each individual plays a key role in working with you toward your vision.

If they do not believe in you, or doubt your vision, then you don’t have the right people on your team. Negativity is cancerous, destroying your purpose. Those people are not fully committed to your vision. To fully realize your purpose you must break alliances to all negativity. Working toward your vision when people on your team doubt your vision is possible creates a struggle. Your energy and focus needs to be 100% on your goal.

Winning teams in football, baseball and basketball are the ones with the best coordinated efforts of its players. Teamwork is what wins. Take this principle which you know so well and apply it to your personal vision.

Setting clear boundaries to protect your vision is one of the most difficult, but necessary, things to do. It can be especially difficult when it is family, coaches or teammates. As you move toward your goal, you will find distractions affecting your progress. At those moments I encourage you to make a course correction to re-align toward your purpose.

Rarely does success occur in a vacuum. Positive, motivating people help you overcome any physical limitations. Success is a team effort. Collaborate with the individuals ready to show you the way forward. Carefully consider who you want on your dream team, then begin taking the steps to make it happen.

Become crystal clear about your vision; determine who is on your team, then act with conviction.

Activity: Identify your personal vision and goal, being as detailed as possible. List some of the exact steps you will take to reach your goal. You will not know all of them now, but this will create the foundation for your plan. It can be readjusted as you progress and new pieces of information are revealed. Finally, identify the action steps you are ready to take now.

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From Loren Fogelman, the Sports Performance Consultant, founder of Inner Game for Winning Athletes.com