As you know, frequent urination, urgent urination and endless urination are typical symptoms of prostatitis. But you may not know why prostatitis can result in frequent urination.

Physiologically, the chestnut-shaped object in the male reproductive system is the prostate gland. There are two small tubes in the middle of the prostate gland, one of which is the ureter, and it passes through the middle of the prostate gland. When the prostate gland becomes infected, it will become congested, swollen, and enlarged, and then it will squeeze the ureter. Imagine a pipe being squeezed, the water flow is thinner and the pressure is higher, which will exert more force on the external stimulus.

That prostatitis leads to frequent urination is mainly because prostate infection will lead to prostatic congestion and edema, which will cause obvious stimulation to the bladder outlet. Besides that, painful urination and burning sensation can also break out, according to the clinical practice.

When suffering from prostatitis, male patients should figure out what type the disease is. For the acute prostatitis, they usually have more obvious symptoms and discomfort in a short term, which can be treated with chemical medicine, mainly antibiotics in most cases. Furthermore, for the chronic prostatitis, patients' attention should be paid to the long-term treatment, since it often requires more time and energy for a complete cure.

Luckily, patients can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for the long-term treatment of chronic prostatitis. It can help patients better solve inflammation, eliminate painful symptoms and discomfort, improve the urinary system and make them urinate painlessly. It is a pure herbal product, made of more than 50 selected herbal ingredients, so it produces no side effects in the long-term treatment.

Besides, to better improve the urinary health and get rid of prostatitis, male patients should always attach importance to the daily conditioning when receiving the treatment.

Drinking more water and urinating in time are very important if you want to improve the abnormal urination. Water drinking can help you wash the urethra and clean away toxic substances in the urethra. It can also promote blood circulation in the prostate gland, help you maintain the prostate health.

Don’t hold urine, and you should always urinate in time. On the contrary, a full bladder can press the prostate gland, causing prostatic congestion, which may lead to the breakout of prostatitis in the long run. In the same way, you should also avoid sitting for too long, which is a bad habit that can lead to prostatitis.

What’s more, doing more exercise, eating light foods, avoid alcohol, avoid smoking and the like are what you need to do when treating the prostatitis. Therefore, keep on the treatment and good habits, you will overcome prostatitis.

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