Why We Wear What We Wear

I want to share with you an important tip in regards to developing your image, and achieving a Signature Style. So many of us buy clothes/outfits for a few main reasons, but not the REAL REASON, and I'll explain this further on.

When it comes to clothes many of us do the following:

A.) Clothing as a Gift: when we get clothes as a gift, it comes with an 'obligation' to wear it, right. Which at times can be tricky to do, especially if you do not like it or it doesn't fit right. I'll share a story with you of what happened to me, where I was forced to wear a gift, and it was so unpleasant because it was a birthday gift, a pair of black boots with a matching black top and a fitted mid calf length skirt. Now, in the box it looked "GREAT", but onced I tried it on, it didn't look the same on me, but to others around me, I got a lot of "oooos and aaaahhhhs". The boots were one (1) size smaller - so they were tight!.This outfit was to wear to a dinner party. I settled to wear the outfit, but wanted to wear a different pair of shoes-not the boots, and this person(who gave me the gift) was soo very upset that I wouldn't wear the boots. It lead to a bad arguement,and after a few hours,I settled on wearing the boots to stop the argument, so I put the shoes on, bit my tongue, held back my tears and wore the complete outfit... Now, this may sound extreme, but gifts do bring obligations that you may not want to do(also, gifts can become bad memories), and these clothing gifts pile up in our closets.

B.)Trends!: This is a popular reason why many buy clothes/outfits, because its a Trend. What's a trend?..it's to tend to take a particular direction/the general direction followed, according to dictionary definition. Therefore, we buy based on what's-IN and what everyone is saying or doing, or what was popular on the runway, like colours, example Orange is IN, shoes, pants, jacket, etc. etc. and again, this may not be the best for you.

C.)The Pressure To Buy TODAY!: Lastly, we place a ton of pressure on ourselves to buy, whether we realize it or not. If we have a day off or have set aside some time to go shopping, many of us say this" I'm not leaving til I get something from here" or" I have to get something today! I Must Buy Something"... Isn't this amazing, but we all do it. We are so eager to get something, that most of the time you are buying because of this pressure, and alot of these purchases pile up in the closet.

What Do You Like To Wear

Do you see what's happening here? We are buying NOT what we like, we are buying because of other reasons that pushes YOU out the way. These reasons are FILLERS, to fill up empty spots within ourselves and not just our closets alone.

In developing your public image for success, it starts with a question,'What do you like to wear?', what types of silhouettes make you happy, and feel good about yourself?
I find that these are simple questions, but are a challenge for many of my clients to anwser in the beginning when working with me. And that's because they are not fully aware of themself and who they are truly. Your image begins with you, and not whats around you or what is assigned to you. Styling is about getting to know yourself. And for many, its their very first time meeting themself. It may sound strange, but its quite common, believe it or not.
So, I charge you today, before you go shopping for that next pair of shoes or outfit, ask yourself this question," What do I like to wear?".

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Najaam Lee is the founder and CEO of Vedic Image Group, a fashion imaging solutions company specializing in helping fun, outgoing independent professionals stop the guesswork in styling their look- and Show them how to create a Signature Style, an Attractive Public Image successfully, every time!
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