Tennis betting has become popular because it offered only two outcomes. It is very easy to place your bet on the selection. Either you back a player to win or lay a player to lose. Certainly, to win consistently in tennis betting, you need to do you home work, it takes time and effort, and much ground work to be done to yield profits.

Therefore, It is also important to know the rules, you should check the rules from different bookmakers or betting exchanges before you place you bet on the tennis betting event. 샌즈카지노 Unlike other sport betting games such as soccer, basketball which the games are likely to complete within a set of given time frame. In tennis tournament , some of the matches may be finished prematurely due to player's early retirement of the game due to injury, if this happen, there would not be another reserved player who can substitute him or her.

Typically, these are the 4 different rules offered by different bookmakers or betting exchanges

1.) One Point - Once the match get started, and a point has been won, by either player, all bets will be considered as valid bet, regardless of the player earlier retirement due to injury. The winning bet will be awarded to the punter who back the player progress to the next round.

2.) One-Set Rule - The bet will be settled only if the match has completed the first set, in the event should one of the players retired before the game completed

3.) Two Set Rule - Bets are settled only if two sets of the match have been completed. The winning bet will be the player who progress to the next round.

4.) Full Match Rule - Bets are settled only if the match is completed. If a player gets injured during the match and retires, all bets are void.

5.) Others - Some of the matches are delayed or postpone due to rain./ weather or interrupted by some other reasons, and if the match did not complete in the stipulated time frame, all bets are consider void.
It is important that you must know the tennis betting rules well. Otherwise you may use the wrong betting plan or strategy, and ended up in paying the price of not knowing the rules.

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