Playing alone has always been an alternative to times when you have no company. However, this game is also appreciated by the minds who want to prove their mental agility. Despite their popularity, not everyone knows how to play Spider Solitaire.

Initially, it was only possible to play it with physical decks, this changed with the advent of computers. It has become one of the most popular games, ideal for times of office relaxation, or when there was no internet connection.

Playing solitaire is a great option in different situations while having a deck card. This makes it necessary that you clearly know how to play it, which can be a big challenge. Do you want to try?

What is the loner?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is about a card game that you can play alone, hence its name "Solitaire." If you do not need other participants, it serves as a distraction at any time. Especially because the game mode contains a cycle of failure and repetition that can catch up with you for a long time.

The game is based on the distribution and organization of the cards. You have to distribute them in a certain order and follow the logic. In addition, you need to organize them, group them according to the stick, and respect a specific order in each row.

To know how to play solitaire you need to know the hammer, the distribution during distribution and how to organize it. This game can now also be played on computers, making it easier as the cards are dealt with automatically.

With simple rules can be played by children from 7 years old. You must remember that not only does it help to hang out; it will also improve your concentration and mental agility.

Know the cards or cards

The most important thing about the game is the cards, so you need to know what it is. Next, I will tell you the most curious facts about it:

The letters come in decks or decks of 52 cards, these are also called playing cards. Each contains a range of designs that include shapes, colours, numbers and Combine letters.

1. Before you start playing, the cards must be shuffled, hence the name "Deck".

2. Because it is an old game, there are many designs, but the best known are English, Spanish and French.

3. The variety of games that can be played with a deck card is amazing. The most used decks to play solitaire are English.

4. Each figure that brings the card together is called "Sticks or pints", English design brings four sticks. The sticks are Hearts, Shamrocks, Spades and Diamonds, two of which are red and two black.

5. Each of the sticks contains thirteen letters, nine of which bring the numbers from to 10. While the remaining four letters bring what are AJ, Q and K.

6. These letters with letters are called "Literally" and represent an element. The A in Spanish is known as "if" and represents the number 1, the J is called "Jack", the Q comes from the English "Queen", and represents the queen as translated into Spanish. The K represents the king, as translated from the English "King".

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