Do you have any idea how smart you are? I don't mean the kind of "smart" that lands you on Jeopardy or grants you a full ride to Harvard. Sure, this kind of knowledge serves us in ways but I'm thinking of the everyday brilliance that exists within you.....actually, within each of us.

I'm talking about intuition.

This is one of the most important qualities I seek to develop in my clients and it's the single greatest tool I rely on in my coaching. If you've ever researched great leaders, philosophers and hugely successful people you know that one of the most prominent traits they share is a trust in their own intuition. They make it a habit to develop it, listen to it and take action on this built in, inner guidance system.

You have this same compass inside of you just waiting to be consulted. Most of us often forget and go through life confused and frustrated, relying on outside sources to help us navigate challenges. This mistake often costs us and even if these outside sources work for us in one instance, we unfortunately learn to become dependent on them when the next challenge appears.

Our intuition is that "still, small voice" within that has the ability to answer any question you will ever ask yourself.

* Is it a yes, or is it a no? Should I or shouldn't I? Does this decision serve me or not? What should I do next? Is this relationship right for me? What choice should I make? How can I......?

Making a firm, strong decision is difficult for many people. Next time you are faced with such a dilemma, consider consulting your intuition. You already have all the answers. You just simply need to ask, get quiet and then listen. The more you consult within, the easier it will be for you to hear and feel a solution. Start practicing with small decisions and then build up to more complex challenges. Soon, you'll learn to utilize this always present tool all day long. Your intuition is your constant source of inspiration.

Tips on developing your intuition:

* Commit to regularly practicing relaxation techniques such as sitting quietly, clearing your mind of distractions and focusing on only the present moment.
* When faced with a problem, stop to reflect on it and then pay attention to any hunches, thoughts, images or feelings you might experience. Pay attention to how your stomach area feels (your "gut") and even physical sensations.
* Keep a journal and record your intuitive experiences.

Follow your intuition. The more faith you place in your own inner wisdom by acting on it, the more you will notice it's benefits.

Author's Bio: 

Laurie McAnaugh, M.Ed, a dedicated certified professional life coach, teacher and founder of Access Your POWER, believes a strong sense of self is the single most important quality you will ever create. She has found that bridging proven, traditional coaching techniques with alternative methods of guidance creates a more effective and holistic space for forward movement. She relies heavily on her own intuition, allowing clients to reach a higher level of awareness while inspiring them to also consult and trust their own inner wisdom as a means for personal and professional excellence.