The word perfume comes from a Latin word “per fumus” which means ‘through smoke’. Little is known about the origin of aroma, but the earliest records come from Egypt in 2000 B.C. where fragrance based incenses were offered at the burial of mummies. Later, Arabs redefined perfumery and people call Arabia as the “Land of Perfumes”.

History of Perfumes for Men:

Ideally, aroma industry is feminine oriented. Men had to select between English lavenders and traditional Eau de Cologne. Royal classes used to get Creed’s offerings as exclusive commissions. Though aftershaves were available, people used it for medical and sanitary purposes.

In 1934, Ernest Daltroff created the first scent for men called “Pour Un Homme”. Perfumery in men saw major changes after 2nd World War. The house of Dana, in 1949, produced English Leather based on MEM’s 1930’s procedure for Russian Leather. 

German house Maurer & Wirtz introduced Tabac Original in 1959. The taste and perception of fragrance for men changed a lot after the growth of French cologne industry in the 1960s.

Different Shades of Perfumes for Men today:

Based on both ingredients and flavour, there are 4 categories into which fragrances are classified according to their unique aromas – Oriental, Fresh, Floral, and Woody.

  1. Fresh – Smell of citrus, sea and grass. Both men and women can use this.
  2. Oriental – Smell of sandalwood, resin and spices. Both men and women can use it.

Now, Why Should Men Use Perfumes?

Perfume makes a man complete! The biggest reason to cover yourself with aroma is to heighten your individuality. With so many perfumes to choose from, you can truly be original in what odour you use.

Nevertheless, there is a strong connection between smell and memory. For example, the delicious smell from nearby bakery may remind you of your Grandma’s chocolate cake. Similarly, there are hundreds of such smells that remind people of their childhood days, colleagues, soul-mates and other cherishable moments.

Again, the smell of some scents trigger sexual appetite.

Above all, men can wear fragrances because they can make them refreshed and delighted.

Benefits of Using Perfumes by Men:

Odour is an invisible part of personal style, and it has a powerful effect on how people see and remember you. Note a few points in this context below -

Firstly, 80% men do not understand that fragrance is a part of professional dress up. Few of them do so because their role model has introduced them to such practice. However, the best perfume can be a man’s secret style quotient.

Secondly, a smell is 1.5 lakh times more sensitive than your vision. So, it can create deeper emotional connections with people.

Thirdly, a nice aroma adds on to your overall impression of being vibrant, sharp and completeness.

Lastly, your sweet body smell will make you more attractive to women. Also, having a wardrobe with collection of some of the best perfume for men is a matter of prestige and status.

Hence, now, you know why perfumes are essential to use. When are you buying one?

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The journey of fragrance which Mr. Gajanan Vaidya began in 1972, the legacy is still in continuance by his two sons Mr. Ashish & Mr. Narayan Vaidya. In the year 2005 Hemant Sugandhi Bhandar got a facelift and HSB Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. came into existence. By 2013 ‘HSB – HAPPY SCENTED BEGINNING’ became a renowned brand by it self. In the last 42 years HSB has by now more than 37000 Happy Scented Beginner’s and still counting in their permanent fold. With a vision to achieve a great height not only at national level but international level ‘HSB’ is marching ahead with simple principle, NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY.