Are you looking for the healthiest drinking water? Then look no further other than alkaline water. Alkaline water is the highest quality drinking water that includes several added minerals. It can offer you a wide range of health benefits and also can keep you hydrated much better than any normal drinking water. 

This is something that you must drink during the summer. Also, you can easily absorb alkaline water in your body because it is easily digestible. It can provide you with energy-rich oxygen in much higher quantities. Besides that, it also tastes much better than any other kind of drinking water.

Piurify offers a water Hydro-generator, which is an alkaline water filter jug with a very modern and sturdy design for any home. This can infuse hydrogen gas in your drinking water for providing active natural antioxidant hydrogen molecules.

Alkaline water can be produced by alkaline water filters, which convert tap water into mineralized, antioxidant, alkaline water, and based on the size, they can offer alkaline water of almost 2000 to 11000 liters. 

They can turn the water into alkaline by making a certain chemical change in your water. These filters are usually made up of certain bioceramics or activated carbon. They can be classified as:

  • Bioceramics
  • Activated Carbon.

They are considered the building blocks of your alkaline filters. Let us see how they make your filters work.

Alkaline water a smaller cluster

The alkaline water is produced by a filter that contains H20 clusters of smaller size, and hence your body can easily digest and absorb them. It can provide faster and enhanced hydration for the body as it carries a higher quantity of energy-rich oxygen.

Also, it has a better taste. You can get better health benefits by drinking alkaline water rather than any regular water, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. It can offer:

  • Lower blood sugar levels 
  • Less probability of any allergic reactions
  • Higher capability to combat damage because of free radicals
  • Higher levels of energy

What are the benefits?

A few of the benefits of drinking such alkaline water over plain water can be as follows: 

  • Supporting digestion
  • Strengthening bones
  • Weight loss
  • Keeping our body and skin hydrated 
  • Anti-aging and detoxifying properties.


Over the last several years, we have been seeing the contamination level of water continue to rise because of several natural and also man-made factors that lead to several health issues for people who are consumers. 

Therefore, we have been seeing a paradigm shift in the patterns of how consumers have now become more and more health-conscious and now started demanding a healthy diet

Water as you know is the most important aspect of a healthy diet because it can revitalize our body and make sure our well-being.

Nowadays, most people may not be aware of what quality of water they are consuming daily and whether the water that is being consumed is healthy enough or not. 

Most of them have therefore installed or are interested to install Reverse Osmosis (RO) products both in their households or workplaces. The desire for better health continues as it will have a generational impact in the case not taken care of.

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Kim Smith enjoys exploring the entertainment world with her thoughts and opinions on selfgrowth.