Prosperity can be whatever you deem it to be, but what is a mindset? A mindset is defined as: “a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.” How do you feel about making money? Does the idea of being rich turn you off? A prosperity mindset encourages you to take action each day to improve your life on numerous levels, such as health, wealth, love or anything else you deem important. You must have the right mindset to succeed.
If you don't already have a prosperity mindset, it might be a hard thing to imagine. There are certain ways you can chase your dreams while keeping wealth and prosperity in mind at the same time.
Study the Actions of Successful People
Perhaps this is the most important suggestion. Learn by example. Find someone successful in your line of work, someone whom you admire and do what they do. These individuals serve as proof that your dreams can come true.
* Find someone who has had the same kind of success that you desire.
* Study what they've done right as well as their mistakes.
* Ask one of them to be your mentor and be open to receiving advice.
It's always easier when we have an example to follow. Find a way to ask successful people questions. You might be surprised to know that successful people love to inspire others to find success as well. They know that there's plenty of success to go around. That's the prosperity mindset in action!
Read or listen to audio books such as Take Charge of Your Life: Dare to Pursue Your Dreams by Jo Condrill Use the system described in the book to get from where you are to where you want to be. If you are an ACN independent business owner, sign up for the Business Assistant and use the Personal Development Library. It has a wealth of inspiration, motivation, and how to information in books, audio, video format. That is in addition to the free product and system training provided in the Back Office.
If you believe in yourself, you can achieve your dreams. The moment you think you can't do something, you can't. You know that negative feelings arise from time to time and that's okay. However, you need to keep a positive image of the big picture in your mind at all times.
* Picture yourself reaching your goals and imagine how it feels.
* Surround yourself with positive people.
* Write prosperity affirmations.
* Be open-minded. Listen to well-meaning suggestions and evaluate them for yourself.
When you open up to new opportunities, you open up to prosperity. Stay motivated and don't be afraid of change.
Set Goals and Make Action Plans
You can dream all day about where you'd like your life to go, but without a goal or an action plan nothing will happen. Take time to think about the big picture and then draw in the lines of how you're going to get there.
* Break down your goals into smaller steps.
* Set manageable and achievable goals.
* Stick to your plan whenever possible.
Don't Give Up
You have to have the dedicated motivation and drive to tell yourself that you'll stop at nothing before you reach success. When you talk to or study the actions of someone who is successful, they'll likely tell you tales of their many failures. There were probably times when they felt like giving up, but they were able to push through defeat.
* Realize that everyone feels like giving up, but we can't give in to these feelings.
* Keep the image of your goal in your mind.
* Make changes if you need to, but continue taking action toward your goal.
Get a Life Coach
People with prosperity mindsets are all different. They have different approaches to getting what they want and they have different definitions of what prosperity is for them.
There are certain things they do have in common, though. They all have a hungry enthusiasm for life and a positive attitude that they'll continue to use on the journey forward.
If you feel that you lack any of the core beliefs and are still unsure about whether or not you can adopt a prosperity mindset, you could always look into getting advice from a good life coach. They'll be able to break down your problems and concerns and tailor a plan that will work for you personally.
When you implement these strategies, you'll gain a renewed prosperity mindset that will help you on your life journey.

Author's Bio: 

Jo Condrill is an ACN Independent Business Owner who has seen success in many areas of her life. She led a group of 3,000 Toastmasters in the Washington, DC, area to rank #1 in that worldwide nonprofit organization. From the poverty line, she pulled herself up to a supervisory position on the Department of the Army Staff, one of few civilian women on the staff at that time. She later founded GoalMinds, Inc., a management consulting and training firm and wrote three books. The Ford Motor Company and the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce recognized her as a Woman Business Leader.