Your online content is your product and any experience entrepreneur will tell you that companies need to maximize the value of their product.  Are your receiving the highest value possible for your content?

Consider adding an additional revenue stream to your site by adopting a paywall solution.  There are various paywall services available to online content providers and they can be easy to use for both you and your users.

The right paywall solution will allow you to provide access to all or a portion of your content to users who sign up for a digital content subscription.  Some paywall solutions include an easy-to-use paywall plugin and dashboard that are customizable to your needs.  Shop around for the paywall vendor that offers these features.  You will thank me for this advice later.

One of the nice things about adopting a paywall service is that it does not replace other revenue streams.  You can add a paywall service and advertise at the same time.  This means that a paywall service will supplement your existing advertising revenue.  You can have both!

Paywalls are common online.  Many companies invest time and money into creating useful or entertaining content and users are accustomed to being asked to sign up for a digital content subscription for great content.  In fact, users often assume content accessible through a digital content subscription is of more value and a higher quality than free content.  You get what you pay for!

You can also find a paywall vendor who will allow you to turn digital subscriptions on and off at any time, giving you flexibility with customer service and your business model.  Flexibility will allow you to work with your users and provide a tailored or custom experience.

You can also find a paywall vendor that will allow you to use the payment services used by your users.  If a user already has an account with, for example, Apple Pay or Google Pay, you will want your paywall vendor to work with those payment methods.  If your paywall vendor can process the payment your user already has set up and easy access to, they will be more willing to buy the subscription.  If your user needs to get up, find a credit card, and type in the numbers, they are much less likely to sign up.

Don’t leave money on the table.  Look into a paywall service as an additional revenue stream for your online content.  Shop around for the paywall vendor that suits the needs of your company and your users and give it a try.

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