This is a question I believe everyone needs to answer. Do you fly with the flock or soar above it?

The other day I listened to a CD about the story of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” which is a story of a bird, his life, his challenges and his decision to fly or not fly with the flock. It’s a famous story that motivational speakers recommend your read if you want to excel in life.

If you are a person satisfied with your life today than you probably fly with the flock. If you are not totally satisfied with life than you probably are ready to soar above the flock.

If you are ready for more challenges in life and want to accomplish more; reach your goals and dreams, whatever they may be and not settle for a mediocre life then you need to follow Jonathan Livingston Seagull’s life. Once you have read or listened to this story you can apply it in your everyday life.

This story relates so true about my early adult life experiences. As an employee of a family business I really became a member of the flock and did begin to fly with them. I guess I always believed that was what I should be doing.

I believed my dad expected what I should be doing also because he never ever recommended me to seek employment outside of the family business. He founded the business at an early age and by the time I had reached young adulthood I had already spend several years in it also.

But through the years the excitement of being part of the flock was beginning to wear off and I was ready to get out and soar above the flock. When I mentioned this a few times to the family (the flock) I was discouraged to leave.

The same things happened in the case of Jonathan also. He was rejected by the flock for even thinking about not pursuing his passion anymore.

With me I backed off a little at times to think about other things to satisfy my life a little more. Even though joining the local Optimist Club didn’t satisfy my financial appetite it did add a little more excitement to it. Winning the “Optimist of the year Award” helped even more.

However the excitement was short –lived just like Jonathan’s life. He still had the desire to soar above the flock but this time he wasn’t quite as dramatic about it as before. He slowly decided to go for it in a calmer way for the time being.

That was pretty much the way I thought about my desire also but I still needed something more to stir my emotions and direct my life to the place I wanted to be. Taking the Dale Carnegie did satisfy me for a while to accomplish what I was seeking in life. It directed my thinking in a more positive way and it helped satisfy one of my goals which were to be a professional speaker.

Again here was another episode in my life that was only a temporary solution to my strong desire to leave the flock and soar above it.

It wasn’t until I met a person who encouraged me to buy his personal development program that my determination to fulfill my desire to change my career became even more a reality for me.

Jonathan and I now both finally decided for a change and we did it. We decided to leave the flock and begin to soar above it. I finally found a new career and have never regretted it one bit. Life has been more joyful than ever before since then.

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Born in Jeffersonville, IN Sonny spent most of his adult life in the family florist business. Becoming dissatisfied with it at the age 42 years he left it to begin a 20 year career in sales. He became a sales supervisor and spent the rest of his working years in that profession.

He is now a retired senior citizen and a health and wellness researcher and author. He is a strong advocate of alternative and natural healing methods. He has been vigorously researching this subject for over 10 years and has published it in three different eBooks.

Sonny’s plan to do this researching was prompted by the results of a visit to his wife’s oncologist to talk to him about treatment for her diagnosed breast cancer condition. Sonny recommended that she be treated with alternative and natural healing methods. He refused but his wife accepted the doctor’s recommendations.

After leaving his office that day Sonny vowed to spend the rest of his life researching for alternative and natural methods of healing which he still continues to do to this very day. His research was directed to areas on the Internet dealing with authorities in alternative medicine and natural healing. It included publications, newsletters, websites and even special reports of naturopathic and holistic doctors. He was also interested in any research on alternative and natural healings done by any specialist in that field.

In addition because of his past interest in sales he also did extensive research on self - development issues. His passion in life has always been to share this vital information so others will be able to develop a healthy and prosperous lifestyle that they greatly desire.

All the information he has gathered are in included in his eBooks which are available on his website at: