If you were to look back on your life, you may find that it hasn’t been easy for you to handle setbacks. It might not matter if it has related to a big or a small setback, as you could have a very similar experience.

At the same time, perhaps you have just experienced a setback and don’t need to reflect on what you have been through in the past. Consequently, you could be in a very low place at this point in time.


There can then be two things that you struggle to understand: why a setback has such a big effect on you and why it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. The people in your life could also find it strange.

Whenever you have a setback, some of these people could tell you to just carry on and not allow what has happened to keep you down. The fact that you are not able to do this could cause you to feel weak and even incapable.

The Experience

When something doesn’t go to plan, it could more or less wipe you out. You are then not just going to have negative thoughts and feelings; your whole being will be drained of energy.

You will feel very weak and wonder if you will ever rise up again. It could be as though you have been through a battle and you have been totally defeated by the opposition.

Emotional Body

If you were able to describe how you feel, you may find that you alternate between feeling frustrated and angry and feeling powerless, helpless, and hopeless. Trying to change how you feel by having ‘positive’ thoughts might be of no use whatsoever.

You will be down, right down and it might take a little while for you to go back to how you were before. It might days a few days or weeks, or it could take even longer for you to get back on your feet.

Held Back

Through reacting in this way, you might not have been able to get very far when it comes to certain areas of your life. Or it could go even further, with just about every area of your life being affected.

At a conscious level, what is taking place is not going to make any sense. But, while you won’t find the answers you are looking for in your conscious mind, you are likely to find them in your unconscious mind/body.

Back In Time

If you were to connect to this part of you, what you may find is that the reason you feel totally defeated after a setback is due to what took place during the beginning of your life. Your conscious mind won’t have any recollection of what happened but your body will still carry the effect of what took place.

​At this stage of your life, there may have been at least one occasion when a need wasn’t met or you were unable to do something, but there would have been absolutely nothing that you could do about it.

The Imprint

This could have been when you were a child, or it could go back to what took place when you were born. You would have been helpless at this stage of your life; it wouldn’t have just been something you believed.

Now that you are an adult, whenever you have a setback what you experienced all those years ago will be re-experienced. Without this understanding, what you are going through won’t make any sense; with it, it will make complete sense.

How Can I Serve You?

What you went through all those years ago will need to be resolved, so that it is easier for you to handle setbacks. If you can relate to what I have written and need additional support, one of the ways that I can provide this is through the personalised consultations that I offer via Skype or Zoom.

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