We live in a society where having a purpose in life is seen as a must have characteristic for every person. A person without a purpose is often seen as an unguided person who doesn’t belong to the society. But is this the reality? Well it certainly not because society is a group of people with common belief who share the same geography or social territory. You make the society and not the society makes you. So it is you who decide your purpose in life and not the society. The biggest hurdle in living in a society is that every person who constitutes the society doesn’t think the same way as others are thinking. So it is you who has to decide your purpose and nobody else should impose their will on you to decide your purpose.

It is important to give reference of society regarding your purpose in life because we are socially connected to everyone and cannot live outside the society. When you are lost in thoughts of what is your purpose in life, how you should perceive your life, what should be your life’s objective etc. you are not only thinking about making your life meaningful but you are also striving hard to prove a point to your society that “Yes, I exist and this is who I am”. This feeling generates because society is an integral part of our existence.

So when you are going through the existential crisis you are not just thinking about your purpose of your life, you are also thinking about the society. So let’s discuss on whether or not you should have a purpose dilemma in your life:

What having a purpose in life really means: From the very early stage we are often taught that everybody should have a purpose in life. But intellectuals think that this is forcefully imposed on young minds and when they grow the feeling of finding the purpose of life grows stronger and put the person in dilemma at some stage of life. A person starts to think that he/she doesn’t belong to the society if there is no purpose in life. Well this is the harsh reality and somewhere something has gone terribly wrong. What purpose really means in today’s perspective? Indirectly it means that you should have a purpose in life because that will shape the way of your life and you will lead a good/successful life. But is it really what it is. Life cannot be controlled because if it is then we would have been GOD.

Should you have a purpose in life: To be very genuine having a purpose in life doesn’t decide the way how you will live your life? Though it is a good way to make your life better than others but at the same time if everybody will have a purpose then we will be a society where social interactions would be nil and people would be rather busy in doing what they consider as achieving their purpose in life. The social structure of our society will collapse and we will be just a population of people who are running behind achieving a state of mind in which they think they have achieved the purpose of their life.

Having a purpose in life is good but it doesn’t control your life. Purpose just give a direction to your life but doesn’t guarantee that having a purpose will fill happiness in your life. So instead of going through the purpose dilemma you should set short term targets for yourself and enjoy the life as it comes.

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