Do You Feel Weak After A Panic Attack: Does Anxiety Make You Tired And Weak

When you're looking for a panic attack cure, it can be very easy to overlook the simple ideas. These simple ideas can seem too good to be true, in that they take little effort and have no unpleasant side-effects. But some of them produce remarkable results, and sadly, not enough people benefit from them.

I'd like to share one of these simple ideas with you right now. It's a simple breathing technique that's used to calm you down. This may be to calm you down throughout the day, anytime you feel your anxiety level increase. Or it could even be to fight off a full flown panic attack.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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It's equally effective for both cases, and should be used in these 2 ways if you want this to be the start of a genuine panic attack cure.

To use the "calming breathing" technique, simply breathe in sharply through your nose for a count of 2 seconds, hold the breath for a count of 2 seconds, and then breathe out slowly through your mouth for a count of around 6 to 8 seconds.

How long your out breath takes will depend on factors unique to you, so experiment a bit and see what feels right for you.

The key is to make this out breath as controlled and as relaxing as possible. As you breathe out, imagine that your anxiety and your stress are leaving your body with the breath. You know that feeling you get when you're relived at something, and you sigh, and it's like all the stress is leaving your body with your breath? That's what we're trying to recreate with this calming breathing.

If you make use of this simple breathing technique anytime you feel your anxiety or panic increasing, you'll be amazed at how effective it can be. It may even be your first step to finding your very own panic attack cure, since stopping the attacks is almost always the toughest step to take.

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Anxiety disorder is a common type of nervous illness. People who are suffering from anxiety disorder will very often experience panic attacks. It is a common feeling for one experiencing panic attacks to believe he or she is dying or becoming seriously inflicted with some life threatening ailment.

Also, anxiety disorder is known to make people describe themselves as "losing it," or "going insane." This is not at all true, this thought process is just one of anxiety's tricks. Anxiously ill people are typical well adjusted and of a stable mind. The problem is adrenaline is running wildly through their bodies and this, in turn is taking them off their game.

In this article we will talk about what is helpful for overcoming anxiety disorder and see if any new techniques are available that may be especially helpful.

It Starts With a Little Apprehension

To understand how to cope with and eventually beat anxiety disorder with all its bewildering manifestations, it is helpful to see how a case of this vexing condition develops.

In the beginning the anxious person usually becomes nervous or overwrought. In many cases, this anxiety never gets to the point where it is very disturbing. Sometimes, the anxious person, having not experienced anything too out of the ordinary, accepts the nervousness and goes on with life as usual. Because nothing has altered this laissez-faire attitude, the anxiety never develops into a full blown case and eventually disappears altogether.

Fear of the Unknown

Other times anxiety when it strikes, is so disconcerting to the sufferer he or she becomes determined to never let an episode of this terrible thing to ever hit again. This makes the person tense up up and be constantly looking over his or her shoulder for any sign these awful feelings are returning.

What is often worse than the fear another anxiety attack will occur, is the fear that some kind of an attack will come that is much more horrible and debilitating than the first one was! Fear of what might happen or what could happen or even what has already happened is bound to bring on another attack of anxiety.

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If the sufferer should experience some different feelings and fears during this attack, it will give this poor bewildered anxiety sufferer even more to be apprehensive about! Also, the anxious person starts to imagine what else might possibly go wrong and before very long a full-blown case of anxiety disorder has been developed. This in turn, causes the sufferer to try harder than ever to get rid of it. Of course, by doing so the anxiety is being kept in the center of this person's life and this makes consistent anxiety attacks inevitable.

Many Have Been Cured of Anxiety Disorder

Once the anxiety sufferer has a complete understanding of how a typical case of anxiety and panic attack develops, the key to the cure is unlocked. Put in its most simple terms, anxiety disorder is brought to a peak by fear and apprehension of the feelings one experiences when in an anxious state.

So, it reasonably follows anxiety disorder becomes less and less prominent in one's life once he or she learns how to disregard these feelings and accept that they are nothing more than tricks brought on by adrenaline flow.

So, has there been any recent developments that help chase anxiety away more quickly than ever? Yes, the Internet. Sure, the cure is exactly the same as it has been forever, but now there is so many opportunities to air out your scary feelings and you'll find, via the Internet, a lot of people who are now or have at one time gone through the same thing you are.

This is very helpful. There was a time we felt we had to keep such things as anxiety disorder under wraps. We would never chance letting anyone know we thought there was some problem like this one bothering us. Besides, there was no one to talk to about it anyway!

So, count your blessings, You live in a wonderful time. There are many people who were set back in life at one time or another by anxiety disorder. I am one of them, and it was talking to others who had experienced the things I was experiencing that helped me turn the corner on it.

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Isn't diet a confusing thing? Add the fact that people who suffer from chronic anxiety and panic disorder have difficulty getting through a day filled with over worry and panic, and you've got a person stuck in constant confusion and frustration on how to deal with their anxiety. Many researchers have proven the positive connections between consuming the proper foods, and combating anxiety naturally. So let's get to the top 10 anti anxiety foods on the planet you must add to your diet consistently to combat chronic anxiety:

10) Sushi - Don't like fish? Well it's time to turn that ship around starting today! Sushi is loaded with stress relieving properties such as magnesium and vitamin B2 just to name a few. Time to take your loved one out for a night of sushi!

9) Blueberries - These little blue guys are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, which are both incredible stress busters and will help with dealing with anxiety. Best advice I can give you is to throw some blueberries into your morning shake, sit back, and reap the benefits.

8) Greek Yogurt - Get some plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt if you want to lower your blood pressure and get a great big dose of vitamins B6 and B12. Greek yogurt also contains magnesium and calcium all great anxiety fighters. Opa!

7) Almonds - OK, you have no excuses when it comes to eating almonds. The best thing I did as I worked on ending my own 6-year struggle with panic and anxiety was to replace my bag a day potato chip eating habit, with a handful of almonds in my pocket everyday. Go raw over roasted almonds and avoid the salted versions as sodium contributes to high blood pressure, which escalates feelings of panic and anxiety quickly.

6) Peppermint Tea - I can add teas to the list of anxiety fighter's right? Talking purely from experience here, I found peppermint tea to be better for anxiety then chamomile tea and helped me keep my focus for longer periods, as well as kept my performance up (in every way possible). The scent of it, the taste of it, everything that comes with peppermint tea is awesome. If you feel that caffeine in tea doesn't work well for dealing with your anxiety, you can always get the caffeine-free version. Time for a cup-o-tea!

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5) Oatmeal - Depleted Serotonin levels can increase anxiety levels and keep you agitated for long periods of time, that's where oatmeal comes in. Eating foods rich in fiber (whole grain carbohydrates) will get a steady flow of serotonin working for you. Other rich in fiber carbs to keep in mind are quinoa, and whole wheat bread.

4) Turkey - Thanksgiving Day should be the best day for anyone suffering from panic and constant anxiety. Why you may ask? Turkey contains an essential amino acid known as tryptophan, which eases anxiety and calms the mind. Think back to those days when you felt 'nappy' after a big turkey dinner, that's the tryptophan talking.

3) Beets - Time to get that old juicer out and start making some fresh beet juice! With the amazing anti-inflammatory properties that come with fresh beet juice, you can't afford not to make this the #1 juicing vegetable for your mind and body, as you work towards stopping your anxiety naturally.

2) Ginger - Hate eating ginger by itself? Throw it in your blender with blueberries and some leafy greens! Ginger contains an antioxidant called Gingerol, which gets rid of those bad chemicals roaming around your body that usually leads to mental and physical stress and anxiety. Still don't want to throw it in your blender to make juice out of it? Fine, there are many herbal teas that ginger is diffused in. Gingerize yourself to help stop anxiety naturally.

1) Broccoli - Time to re train those yucky memories of broccoli from when you were a kid. Broccoli is absolutely packed with vitamins that include stress and anxiety fighting essential B vitamins, and folic acid (a family member for B vitamins). If you're looking to relieve anxiety and stress and even send away any of those depressive symptoms you may be having, it's time to regularly add broccoli to your diet.

You may be thinking, how can I possibly add all these foods to my anti anxiety diet all of a sudden. That's where planning and patience comes in. The great thing is you don't need loads of each and every anti anxiety food to feel the benefits, small amounts of daily intake will make a huge difference in the short tern, and your mind and body will thank you for it.

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Here's what I See; I see most of the 40 million people in the U.S. alone who will be impaired by some kind of anxiety disorder this year, headed down a road of laziness and 'instant result syndrome.' 'What's the worst that can happen' I thought to myself as I began my journey on Xanax and Clonazepam only a few years back. My family doctor as well as the emergency room doctors prescribed them during my first panic attacks, so it must be the right choice right?


As I write this post I'm constantly thinking of my grandmother. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 25 years back, she's a chronic smoker, and suffers from migraines. Incredibly, she's never popped a pill for her migraines and has never done any kind of chemotherapy. Her reply to my question of why she's never headed down the road of first line therapies is 'professionals don't want you to do your homework about these conditions, simply take their advice and shut up.' She definitely did her homework and so should we when we embark on a path to stopping our anxiety disorder naturally.

Here's What I've Learned About Anxiety And Panic Disorder

There is no magic cure in the form of a pill, there is only temporary relief. But once you've medicated yourself there is a certain conditioning that has entered your mind. The kind of conditioning that doesn't want to take the time to learn about the anxiety condition, the kind of condition that doesn't want to put in the daily effort to use CBT to restructure our thoughts and actions.

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Anti Anxiety Medications And Antidepressants Induce Laziness

My message to you the anxiety and panic attack sufferer is straightforward, get off the meds or don't start them at all. Look at recovery from anxiety as a long term commitment (even though I've seen results in people in the short term), don't evaluate how each day is going instead feel good in knowing you're on a natural path to stopping your anxiety. Find a mentor, one who has stopped their anxiety naturally and begin asking questions to them online through an email (they are more then happy to help you).

For God Sakes Fix Your Diet

That was brash I'm sorry, but it's true. If you're dealing with anxiety 24/7 you're so caught up in 'checking in' on your symptoms of anxiety, and wondering where your anxiety will take you next that you literally don't even know what you're putting in your body anymore. Begin a natural cleanse that will get rid of all the harmful toxins and chemicals in your body starting today. Take care of the root of the problem instead of the symptom,

So to you the one dealing with anxiety I don't say good luck, but instead I say GET NATURAL and take back control of your anxiety and your life!

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