Feeling free to dive into your life with great joy is liberating. Feeling resistance because you are scared of not getting it right, looking goofy or worse yet, getting hurt is not a great edge to stand on.

“Being an ever-ender” is a phrase I coined about standing on the sidelines and not fully participating in your life. It’s painful not to have the confidence or courage to do something that will fill your heart’s desire.

Unconscious memories, beliefs and emotions can really get in the way and block us from doing what we want to. We start to avoid and procrastinate jumping in and participating.

That tendency started for myself at a very young age, around 7 or 8 years old. I would volunteer to be the one who held the skipping rope without participating and swing the rope around watching the other kids jump in and have fun.

I had another similar experience with diving. Again, as a young girl around the same age I had a traumatic experience with a very mean swimming instructor. I was a pretty good swimmer for my age but when I would go to the edge of the pool to take a rest she would kick my hands off the edge with her feet and watch me struggle to continue swimming laps.

It caused me to hate swimming lessons and I finally quit just before the point of learning how to dive. I never did learn to dive and yearned for that feeling and experience all my life.

Not until a couple of years ago did I get up the courage to take a private swimming lesson to learn how to dive.

Within a ½ hour swim lesson, a wonderful, supportive and kind swim instructor had me walking up to the edge of the pool and diving right in. The experience to feel myself diving into the water was extraordinary.

In fact it didn’t matter to me if I ever did it again because:
a) I had the experience, and;
b) I now know I can do it if I want to

The same goes for whatever you desire in your life. You want experiences that are appealing to you whether it’s a once in a lifetime activity or something you love to do on a regular basis. You don’t want to hold yourself back from having an experience you desire.

Doing something outside of your comfort zone can feel extremely threatening. This is when you need to make friends with courage and trust.

Try developing your courage muscles by exploring activities that inspire you. You are more likely to take a leap of faith when you do something that lights you up.

Perfectionist tendencies are a form of protection. Being uncomfortable doing something new, trying to get things right, avoiding activities with others until you get better at it. It becomes an internal struggle with wanting to do something and the vulnerable potential of feeling like a failure.

This is an illusion created by the ego and will have you avoid acting on your desires to protect yourself from criticism. The antidote to feeling this anxiety is to plan less and participate more.

Letting your fears fall away allows you to get back in touch with having fun. Free yourself from “being an ever-ender,” take the plunge and enjoy your life.

When your courage weakens and your self confidence is not as strong, allow the courage of your Higher Self to emerge and trust that you will be kept safe.

Self-Enquiry Reflection

How strong are your courage muscles when it comes to fulfilling your dreams?
Have you considered how flexing your courage muscles could liberate you?
What are you afraid of with taking a risk?
What do you long to do that scares you?
Have you played it safe at the expense of your own happiness?
Have you created a pattern of avoiding what you really want to do?
Do you plan more than actually participate?

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