Opportunity For Horse Lovers!
Do You Enjoy Horseracing?
Experience the excitement and joy of your horse entering the winner's circle. Have a chance to own a piece of great horses like; Secretariat, an American Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown winner of the 1970's. Black Caviar an Australian sprinter, retired in 2013, after never losing a race. Maurice, Japan's 2016, racehorse of the year, purchased for $100,000 in 2012, and has won over $42,000,000 in prize money. Mongolian Khan, New Zealand's 2016, racehorse of the year, earning $4,000,000 in 17 races, now put out to stud and making his owners a fortune.
Now you can have a piece of the action by owning shares in multiple thoroughbred racehorses around the world. Win prize money all over the world in places like the United States, England, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Singapore, by acquiring membership in the prestigious Gold Cup Winners Club, a Horse Racing Partnership Syndicate.
International Racehorse Owners (HK) Ltd. is a premier investor that offers an opportunity for others to become owners in thoroughbred racehorses and bloodstock worldwide. Successful racehorses can earn big money for their owners. Although there are no guarantees that any particular horse will be a super success, owning shares in many horses decreases risk and increases the chance of becoming the envy of horse owners everywhere.
Enjoy advantages and many opportunities to travel worldwide to major horseracing events such as: Kentucky Derby, USA, Japan Cup, Royal Ascot, England, and the Melbourne Cup in Australia to mention a few. Own shares in at least 5 race horse syndicates and enjoy membership in at least 2 prestigious international race track clubs.
Our Partners, trainers, and blood stock horse breeders are among the world's most successful having won prestigious horse races around the world and millions of dollars in prize money for their race horse owners. To learn more about how to become a racehorse owner - go to international racehorse owners site.
Imagine standing in the winner's circle accepting a victory reef for winning one of the world's greatest, most renowned horse race events. Meet some of the most influential and successful owners, breeders and trainers of the horserace world. Hobnob with the rich and famous as well as those who are fascinated by the allure and excitement of horseracing: movie stars, pop singers, politicians, billionaires, millionaires, the wealthy and the not so wealthy - everyone loves horseraces!
If you want to live on the wild side go to the international racehorse owners website for information on how to get started. http://go2l.ink/1QLY

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