If you thought that everything was invented in the lighting for the home , you are very wrong. The design of luminaires for interior design has undergone a great transformation in the last decades. But not only in design, new technologies have brought new forms of lighting and bulbs increasingly efficient.

But today we are going to talk about a type of lighting that has been present in our society for decades, the neons. The typical lighting of the posters of cafeterias and restaurants of the 50s and 60s comes to our house to become authentic pieces of collector.

Today, you can get your custom neon lights delivered to your doorsteps. But the most requested neon lights are the vintage style posters . Pieces designed in past decades and that drew the attention of customers in the facades of cafes or trendy nightclubs, now have become collector's items and fetish objects for decoration lovers.

Perhaps, the influence that the aesthetic of Palm Spring is having in the fashion and decoration of the last seasons - we already saw it in some spaces of the last edition of Casa Decor -, is responsible for this new decorative trend. The point is that neon lights are more fashionable than ever and already decorate many houses with their characteristic fluorine colors and suggestive messages.

Do you dare to incorporate a neon light at home? 

5 ideas to place neon lights

If you have already decided to hang custom neon signs on the walls of your house, here are some tips that we hope will be useful to combine them successfully:

  • Choose a room dominated by simplicity . The best thing is that it does not contain practically furniture or decoration. The idea is that the neon you place becomes the absolute star of the room.
  • A good idea is that you choose words or even phrases with a special meaning for you or with a positive message, such as: love, peace, happiness or friendship.
  • In retro style environments this type of decoration is perfect. Place the neon on an old dresser or on a classic bookshelf. Counterpoint has its risks, but if it goes well, it's great!
  • When placing the poster or the neon letters on the wall, we advise you to choose a dark one. It also tends to look good on a background of brick and mortar, as it is a way of reaffirming the neon urban style.
  • Finally, a practical advice. Keep in mind that neon lights consume a lot, so it is recommended that you leave them off when you are not at home and turn them on only when you want the decoration to look like, for example, if you have visitors or are going to hold a party .

Although, a priori, one can think that the neon lights are only for lovers of the most extreme decoration, we encourage you to risk and try one of the rooms in your flat. Maybe the result is a more pleasant surprise than you think.

What do you think of the decoration with neon lights? Do you think she's too daring?

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