How many of us really give any thought to what happens to our food after we eat it? Why would we? If we feel good and can function all day, we commonly assume that everything inside our body is going well.

Our body is so perfectly designed, and its highest priority is to maintain homeostasis (all your body’s systems working together to maintain an ideal environment). One of the greatest things about its design is that we don’t have to worry about our body’s internal mechanisms and what happens to our food once we have swallowed it. It is all taken care of without any conscious thought from us. Sometimes however, a wrench is thrown in our “gears” and causes some sort of dysfunction. Fortunately, our body gives us warning signals and symptoms that let us know something is wrong.

Do you feel tired all the time, constantly hungry, tired after meals? Do you have cravings for sugar, difficulty losing weight, or aches and pains? These are signs that something in your body is not functioning properly. No matter what, it is not normal to experience any of these symptoms on a regular basis! Have you been to the doctor and your blood work is normal so you received no answers? Were you prescribed medication but you still feel the same way? This is because the treatment you received was not appropriate for the true cause of your issues.

In the United States, we hear about diabetes all the time. Currently over 25 million adults and children have been diagnosed with diabetes. This statistic may not seem to alarming, or may even sound reassuring, because we all know someone who is diabetic. But what about the 79 million people currently with pre-diabetes? How often do we hear about them and what are we doing about it?

What is prediabetes?

Prediabetes a period of dysfunction that occurs prior to the onset of the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. This is also commonly termed insulin resistance (prediabetes and insulin resistance are actually two different conditions, but they are remarkably similar).

So what is insulin?

Insulin a hormone made in the pancreas that controls sugar (glucose) levels in the blood. It is released in response to eating food.

What does insulin have to do with difficulty losing weight?

If your body becomes resistant to insulin, the cells in your body are not able to efficiently take glucose from circulation and burn it for energy. Instead of using it for energy, your body needs to get it out of your bloodstream one way or another, so it is stored as fat.

What does this mean to you?

Is your fasting blood glucose currently 85-99 mg/dl? If it is, that is great! You are on the right path. Next, take a look at what you are eating.

If your diet is not what it should be, don’t be afraid! You are the only person who can make the decision to change it!

If you want to learn more about how the vicious cycle of insulin resistance affects your body, have already started experiencing any of these symptoms, or if you have a glucose number above 99 the time to act is now. It is essential to your health that you contact an expert to advise you on your current health status. To schedule your FREE consultation with a health and nutrition expert, log on to

Author's Bio: 

Crystal Shores has had such success in returning people to health because this is her passion. She does this by influencing a person’s body systems to work together, instead of manipulating just one aspect of their biochemistry. The whole body approach is what separates Crystal apart from other health care practitioners. She takes the necessary steps to evaluate what is truly happening in a person’s body, and designs a nutrition program based on their bodily function, and not a diagnosis.

While graduating at the top of her class Summa Cum Laude and completing a competitive Dietetic Internship, she followed her dream of being a business owner which gives her the opportunity successfully impact the lives of others as a Registered Dietitian. After her internship, she was introduced to Functional Medicine, and knew this was how she would realize her dream. She and her husband started what is known today as Dynamic Balance, which utilizes proven nutritional principles along with the cutting edge science of Functional Medicine to facilitate proper function within the human body.

Crystal is a dynamic and inspirational woman who has spent years educating herself and others on what true health is, and how to achieve it. She has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to make the necessary changes in a person’s life, because she has done it herself. She spent the majority of her 20’s having fun and chasing happiness through external means only to end up realizing that true joy comes from within. This realization came from experiencing pain and fear that no outside force could remove. The time came when she had to make the choice of what direction she wanted her life to take. When she stood at this fork in the road, she made the decision to go back to school to receive her second bachelor’s degree, in Dietetics. This ultimately led her to feed and nurture her body back to a healthy state. It is with this passion and dedication that she serves her clients to lead them to enjoy the health they deserve.

The road to health and well being is not always an easy one and it requires guidance and support. If it were easy, we would all be healthy. She hopes to guide others in achieving health from the inside out.