Do you believe in ghosts? Lord knows, we have all seen enough movies about them, but have you personally encountered one? It finally happened to me a few years ago, convincing me of the supernatural reality of ghosts. They do exist.

Back in 2007, I lived in an apartment that was supposedly haunted. Oh yeah! Bring it on. Well, one night I noticed that my large long red macaw feather, that my friend Bonnie had given me, was missing. It always resided in a potted spider plant in my window sill. When my roommate Mick came home after his yard sale, I confronted him about my missing feather. He hadn’t taken it. And he hadn’t seen it fall out the window. He had been sitting right below my window all day, conducting his sale. We were both very perplexed, as I had looked under the bed four times already and my room is only so big. Where did that bright red feather disappear to? As I sat alone on my bed, after Mick left the room shaking his head in disbelief, I suddenly felt something poke me under my right thigh. Looking down, I saw that I was now sitting on the feather! It was under my thigh and it sure wasn’t on my bed two seconds ago.

Mick confessed that the ghost had been rolling out the toilette paper on him, as he sat waiting for shit to happen in the middle of the night. At least this was a trickster spirit, and not some weird poltergeist phenomena that scares the hell out of you. Being the first time I’d experienced a ghost, this made a believer out of me! I wonder if the present tenants in that apartment have any stories to tell. Or maybe the ghost finally cleared up its karma enough to move on to where it should really be in the afterlife.

Author's Bio: 

Singer/songwriter Rob Rideout is the award winning author of Still Singing, Somehow. He lives on a farm overlooking Colville, WA with his three cats Baba, Maya and Olive. He just released a second book of poetry, based on his song lyrics and has a CD of original songs scheduled for release May 2011. These songs of three decades are meant to accompany both books. Rob’s books can be viewed or purchased @ He can be contacted there too.