“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” - Vince Lombardi

What is success? Success is accomplishment, achievement, victory, or triumph. Anyone of these is within your ability attract. So, how do you plan to reach your particular achievements? Your emotions along with your actions play a huge part.

Have you set goals that are unique from everyone else’s? Do you celebrate each of your minor successes and strive to reach other goals? What motivates you to fulfill your goals and dreams?

When you fail to recognize your dreams you may be disconnecting your power to think from your ability to take personal action. To keep your thoughts and actions strong, you only need to keep focusing on your faith and make sure your emotions agree with your dreams.

Make it a point to dream big. Then plan and take action to turn your dreams into accomplishments. Learn to complete projects that you start. If one project fails, start again, and again until you accomplish it. Even one small successful step adds greatly to your sense of accomplishment.

Start looking at your life with a feeling and purpose that you can accomplish almost anything. Think about what you wish to happen rather then what you do not wish to happen. When you pay close attention to the way you feel, this is easy. Your feelings will always guide you to the necessary action required to take you in the
direction you need to go.

So focus your thoughts. Make it a habit to put power in your thinking so that you force your attention on what you desire and on what feels right to you. The opportunity that comes from creating clear thoughts leads you to the right action.

For example, learn to determine your own fate by not limiting your thoughts. Create a sense of purpose and accomplishment by getting things done. Focus on positive and successful outcomes for anything you attempt to do. Then turn your highest thoughts into action and go on to turn your dreams into reality.

When your faith is strong enough, you can relax and let it take over. Many miracles happen this way, and it is a good feeling. Continue to develop and practice your faith. A strong, passionate belief (emotion) in your ability to attract success is the secret power behind faith that makes it happen.

Do you have any weaknesses? Recognize what your limits are and what may be beyond your reach. If you are thinking about developing a new business, a new product, service, or a new idea, for the areas you do not have enough knowledge in, get help. Or, learn the skills needed to accomplish the task on your own.

These inspirational secrets are just a small part of living your life well, happy, prosperous, and wise. Stay positive and grateful for any skill that helps you reach your goals. Use your God given talents, and not only will you attract success, you may conquer any economic struggles that face you today.

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