I was at an event recently and one of the scheduled speakers failed to turn up. Never being short of something to say or a desire to help other business owners I volunteered to do a 10 minute 'open floor.' When asked what the most pressing sales challenges in the room were, One of the other attendees put his hand up and said: "Everything else is Fine but I always have trouble closing" Now this is a statement or question I hear quite a lot. It can be caused because of a number of reasons but I thought we would start at the beginning and asked: "Do You Truly Believe The Value You Are Offering?" Matt, the business owner who asked the question looked at me with his eyes down slightly and said "well, yes - kind of" Bingo! The first area to take a look at. If you do not truly believe the value you bring to the other person then your confidence, or lack of it will always shine through. How can you clearly demonstrate the value in the other person buying your services if you are not sure yourself? Speaking to Matt afterward we looked at some of his recent clients. One had openly stated that Matt's software had saved them over £100,000 instantly and would do so every year. Now that is concrete proof to build your confidence on. Does it matter if Matt charged £500 or £10,000 for his software (i don't know how much he does!) if he can clearly show that he will make the company £100,000 instantly - and that he is the only person that can do. The trouble was Matt had never taken the step back to really understand the value he was bringing to his clients. You may have fallen into this trap too? Like Matt, you may have been seeking answers from the end of the process i.e 'closing' when in fact you could could make closing simple by focusing on the start od the process.

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