Women are always claiming that a sense of humor is the most important quality a man can possess. But is it true that women are willing to date a guy who only has a sense of humor? Would a sense of humor be able to make up for below average looks he possesses?

The truth is out: A guy can have a great personality but his female counterpart may secretly wish he’s a little more attractive, a new study suggests.

A study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science showed that young women and their mothers showed a strong preference for men who are moderately attractive or attractive when they were asked to select potential partners and son-in-law respectively.

The finding was a little surprising because highly desirable qualities such as honesty, integrity, sense of humor, kindness, and respectful don’t seem to influence their decisions. The study seems to indicate that women place more emphasis on physical attractiveness in a potential mate more than they care to admit.

According to a professor of social psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University, he said that women would only consider a man’s profile if he is considered moderately attractive. On the other hand, if a man is viewed as less than moderately attractive, his profile or personality does not matter to her.

Enhancing your facial features to improve appearance

Considering the results of the research, Dr. Siew offers the following recommendations to subtly enhance your physical appearance so as to increase your chance of getting noticed by a potential mate:

EYE BAGS With newer, more advanced technology, unsightly eye bags can now be removed by undergoing AGNES eyebag removal treatment that involves using radiofrequency micro-needling to melt the fatty tissue and tighten the loose skin at the same time, restoring youthful-looking eyes you once had.

SAGGING JOWLS People often determine a man’s attractiveness based on his jawline. The sharper and more visible his jawline, the more attractive a man is. Using different non-surgical skin lifting methods such as Ultherapy and thread lift, your aesthetic doctor is able to reverse the aging clock by lifting and firming the skin so that your jawline is visible once more.

WRINKLES AND FINE LINES In my practice, I personally believe that men should not be entirely wrinkle-free. It is important to achieve a natural look with some dynamic fine lines on the face to portray your maturity and age gracefully without looking too overdone. A combination of dermal fillers and Botoxis a great way to erase deep wrinkles on the forehead and laugh lines to reduce static wrinkles on the face.

ACNE SCARS Many men suffer from acne outbreak during puberty due to fluctuation of hormones. If the skin is not well-taken care of, cystic or hormonal acne may form, increasing the chance of forming deep acne scars that will stay on the face permanently. Severe acne scars can make a person feel ugly and less confident about himself.

Using INFINI acne scar removal, your doctor can treat a wide range of acne scars by introducing micro-needles into the skin. This non-surgical treatment allows the doctor to precisely control the depth of the needles to treat different types of scars, regardless of skin type.

Consult a doctor today to understand the various options that he can offer to help you to enhance your appearance. You will be surprised at how these subtle treatments can make a big difference in your appearance.

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Dr. Siew is a Medical Director of Radium Medical Aethetics. He has more than 12 years of experience using a wide range of lasers, dermal fillers, toxins to rejuvenate the face without any form of surgery.

Dr. Siew is also a regional trainer for many products such as Radiesse, Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, Ellanse, and other brands of dermal fillers.