Do what You Must, Even When You Think You Can't

That is the secret to succeeding at anything. Remember the story, 'The Little Engine That Could'? "I think I can..."

When presented with a task, any task, except of course things like brain surgery, crank up the confidence. Go with it and tell yourself, 'I Can Do This...' Change the problem into a challenge and tackle it with enthusiasm. Pump yourself up with "I CAN DO THIS!" Stop the fear of failure in its tracks.

Recently, I have experienced the power of that little statement; I have taken on tasks that I had never done before and talked myself through them quite successfully. Whenever I am given a task, by my husband, to help the progress of building our house, I step into it without a clue, most of the time. 'I can Do This' gets me through it. I am a writer, not a carpenter. I was asked to help pour concrete! I did it too. I didn't know how, but I helped.

I didn't really enjoy pouring concrete, but I did enjoy learning how it is done and the fact that I contributed to the building of my house.

It is all about problem solving and learning, and the confidence that you can do those things - solve a problem and learn. If you look at each challenge as a learning opportunity, the whole experience can transform from a challenge to a positive experience. The problem moves to a challenge to a positive experience.

I went through this experience very recently in the penning of my manuscript. I knew the story I wanted to tell, because I'd lived it, I had many people tell me that I am a talented writer, but I lacked the confidence to do the job. I made excuses for years as to why I wasn't writing this book. Then, one day I set down the book I was reading (Write It Down, Make It Happen)and picked up paper and pen. I started with the title, a quick, 'I CAN DO THIS' and the words just spilled from me; 58,000 of them!

Out of frustration, looking for an agent, I returned to the mantra and published it myself. Now my husband wants to see me write another. I have returned to the mantra again, and have gotten about half way through a piece of fiction that has been too much fun to write. I can do this and you can too.

I used to believe that my lack of education was holding me back from a great many things, but then I realized that there were lessons to be learned in every situation; an education, if you will. I was not giving myself credit for intelligence and capacity. Then I realized that I may not have been schooled in institutions of learning, but I had the best hands-on-training there is - LIFE. Each and every situation in my life was an experience that I took something from and because of my intelligence, I grew with it. I finally understood that I did not need a college education to write a book. My story is not about a college education, but rather about the lack of one and how it was not necessary for me to live the life I now live - happily ever-after. I am an ordinary person who has led an extraordinary life. That's all I needed to be able to write.

I CAN DO THIS! Say it; apply it; do it.

Here is my story of focusing on what I wanted and what I didn't want and how I ended up with my heart's desire. Forever and Always My story is so incredible that I wrote a book about it to share with the world. My mind focused not what I didn't want and I got a lot more of it, but in the end, my heart won out because it had a stronger desire than the troubles my conscious mind had become fixed upon.

My life is a complete demonstration of the Law of Attraction in action for both good and bad.

You get what you want when your heart's desire is stronger than your mental perceptions.

If you'd like to get to know me, get a copy of my book.
Forever and Always... ISBN: 978-0-557-43111-3

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I began my writing career before my marriage, therefore I kept using it afterward. However, not long ago, I began using my married name; my husband is happier for it. :-)

Anywho... My husband Jeff and I live in a place few have ever heard of - A sleepy little town, out in the middle of nowhere, named Nucla, in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Nucla is nestled in the foothills of the San Juan Mountains, in the southwestern part of the state. We are 110 miles south of Grand Junction, 100 miles west of Montrose and 109 miles north of Cortez. And, that is how far we have to travel to shop at WalMart, or drive by a McDonalds.

Nucla has about 700 residents. A sign outside the town limits says, "...1000 people, and 1 grouch." There are no traffic lights here, and the only time you'll experience a traffic jam is when a rancher is moving his cattle.

The climate here is the best! We are at an altitude of 5862 feet. The climate is that of a high mountain desert, so our summers get a little hot, but our winters are mild. (All the snow stays above 7000 feet.) Believe it or not, the hot summers are tolerable because there is no humidity here.

If you happen to be out hiking in the hills, among the cedar and pinion pine, you can find animal tracks such as: cougar, black bear, elk, mule deer, bobcat, coyote, lynx, and even rattle snake. You can also find, if you're paying attention, dinosaur bones and ancient Indian artifacts.

Jeff and I are Wisconsin transplants; high school sweethearts that spent 17 years apart. Jeff came to Nucla in 1989, while I was busy being married to someone else, and having my first child.

In 1996, Jeff came back to Wisconsin, I was divorced many years at the time, and Jerimiah and I packed up our lives and moved west with Jeff. We have been living here since 1997.

Jeff and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on Dec. 1st, 2006.

In 2002, my mother moved out here, from Wisconsin, to live with us.

I began my Internet experience in 1998. I bought a computer and taught myself how to use it. I built my first web site in 2000, and started publication of my ezine, the Trii-Zine Ezine ISSN# 1555-2276, in 2001. The Trii-Zine left email publication in 2003, when I moved to RSS for a publishing medium. In 2004, I built the Internet's first syndicated advertising company, AdsOnQ, again, utilizing RSS.

I am a founding publisher at, and I am also a Channel Master for other publishers on the Quikonnex system of RSS.

I am a Preferred Customer with Melaleuca.

That's about it.

Trina L.C. Sonnenberg Writer/Publisher