The world is full of subliminal messages. We are constantly confronted with signals and messages that our brains process subconsciously without our knowledge. How else do you explain déjà vu or the feeling that something is familiar yet you cannot remember exactly why?

Music, advertisements and movies have taken advantage of subliminal messages to coerce us into buying their products and derive meaning from the smallest of clues. All these happen when we are fully awake. How about when we are asleep?

There have been numerous talks on how we pick up on subliminal messages when we are asleep, how we can use it to learn different languages, amongst other theories. But does it really work? Can your brain really process information and pick up on verbal or visual cues without your knowledge and yet you are asleep? It seems too hard to believe.

Do Subliminal Messages Generally Work?

Many people and researchers argue that they actually work. There has been talking of people learning foreign languages and listening to motivation audio tapes in their sleep. Researchers say that these messages are able to be processed since they bypass the conscious part of the brain (which is sound asleep by now) and go into the deeper part of the mind.

Therefore, once you wake up, you will have a deeper understanding of the language or the rules of success you were listening to last night. This begs the question, what constitutes a subliminal message?

How To Identify Subliminal Messages

Verbal subliminal messages are usually soft and inaudible to your conscious mind. However, the subconscious mind is able to pick up the message and process it at a level that the conscious cannot understand. Well, that sound really sophisticated. In simpler terms, while the conscious mind might be hearing the rustling of leaves, the subconscious mind may be hearing some hidden message from the universe.

Subliminal messages are things that happen below the normal perception limit. For instance, you may be listening to the words of a song, but there are other things happening in the song such as background voices, ad-libs, the constituents of the beat such as drums, kicks, snares and the melody. All your focus is on the words but the next time you hear the same beat again, your brain will be able to recognize it. How amazing!

Visual subliminal messages can best be described by paintings. Painters are masters at hiding subliminal messages that cannot be easily identified by people with average intelligence. One of the best examples is the 1892 illustration made by Charles Allan Gilbert. At first glance, all you can see is a huge white skull in a dark background. But if you look closely, you will see a woman looking at herself in her dressing mirror. If you are not keen enough, this subliminal message can easily pass you. If you are still not convinced, ask Disney about the numerous complaints they have been getting.


Most people will attest to the fact that these messages does in fact work in our sleep. Researchers have also conducted studies on certain individuals and they are of the similar opinion. The basic theory is, while we are asleep, the subconscious mind picks up the message. Since the subconscious is the deeper part of the brain, it is able to convince our conscious minds once we are awake that we received the message and we have a deeper understanding of it.

Research Results

Those who took part in the research reported positive results. They claim that playing the subliminal messages on a loop as they slept helped them to improve their understanding and their lives in general. Self-sabotaging thoughts and ideas usually come from our subliminal minds, once you are able to convince your subconscious that you are ready for positivity and success, the conscious will agree and your life will drastically turn around.


Based on statistics and facts, it is impossible to ignore the effect of subliminal messages in our sleep. It is hard to find evidence that proves otherwise. Besides, you don’t need to rely on other people’s opinion and testimonies; you can try it yourself at the comfort of your home and see if you will get any results.

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