Why help others? Okay, we know we are supposed to because our culture and religions tell us to. But we aren’t necessarily good at following those rules. So, why help others? It will make the world a better place. But so would driving less, not using so much plastic, etc, etc, etc. We know that but it still doesn’t necessarily make us do any of those activities.
So, why should we help others? A very basic, selfish reason is that helping others makes us feel good. Have you ever reached out to someone who needed you? Do you remember how you felt after? We tend to feel happy and fulfilled. People ask me how I can do what I do. I am a therapist because of all I get out of it.
Now, perhaps nature has created us in such a way so that we will continue to help others, because helping others does make the world a better place. That would make sense. All I know is that when we help each other we feel good, which encourages us to help others more, which makes the world a better place, which makes us feel good, which makes us want to help others more.
So, do something very selfish today: help someone else!!

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Dr. Michelle enjoys helping people finding the path they need to be on. For more information go to www.michellegottlieb.com