At the end of each blog post use a call to action. Ask your readers to comment on what they think about the specific topic. You can even reward them for doing so. For example another friend of mine posted on Facebook© that whoever commented on a blog post he had just posted on his MyMark™ profile page would get a free copy of his e-book. I am sure he had people read his blog that normally may not have, but with this kind of reward they took the time. The blog needs to be good enough that they are happy they spent the time reading it; if this happens they will come back again and again. Even without a specific reward being offered, the reward has now become the quality information you are giving them.
One of the most valuable parts of a blog is the comment section. Usually if one person has a question so do many others. This is a great place for readers to ask questions, answer questions and provide their own tips and tricks that you may not have had time to cover in your blog. You should be asking or telling your readers to leave their comments and make sure that the call to action invites more than just, “great blog.” It’s nice to be validated but it’s more important to provide readers with further information.
Don’t get worry if you’ve not enough comments to your blogs. Do comments on others blogs and give them solution with your blog link. But don’t write enough time to comment on others. Blogging is somewhat a networking activity. People will more likely to link to you if they have heard of you as I mentioned in Blog Personal Branding. Make more friends and try to reach them by your blogs. If you get them your best information then they will click your link to see what other interesting stuff you write about. It really works believe me or not!
By commenting to other blog you are preparing your brain to think of something interesting. Because through this you can observe which posts you are commenting on and which you did not you develop an awareness of what works to attract comments. You put comments on other bogs you’ll definitely get backs those to you. You should try it. Your comments should be short, fast, to the point and make an impact. Comments are excellent to tests your writing skill.
Always comment on new blogs; not comment on the same old blogs. Never setting a goal to comment on more blogs than the day before because in this way you will be forced to leave your blog-reading comfort zone and visit new blogs. Comment to different blogs exposes new ideas, different ways of looking at things to you.
Lastly, when leaving a call to action make sure that you act on it as well. If you told your readers to go find something new to learn and write about it in the comments make sure that you are doing this as well. Make sure that you are responding to comments as well. Continue the interaction in your comment section so that your readers will feel like you are offering two-way communication rather than just talking at them. Any webinar presenter will tell you that one of the most valuable parts of every webinar is the questions and comments part at the end of the webinar. Don’t skip this step. It will likely ensure your success as a blogger and a brand builder.

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