If you feel good, you could believe that it is due to what is taking place externally. Likewise, if you feel bad, you could also believe that it is due to what is taking place externally.

In both cases, you won’t have played a part in how you feel, and you will be nothing more than a passive observer of what is taking place. Therefore, in order for you to feel good, the external world will have to be a certain way.

The Norm

Experiencing life in this way is not exactly going to allow you to feel empowered and as though you have control over your life. You are likely to often feel hopeless and helpless and to see yourself as a powerless victim.

If you were able to take a step back and to reflect on your life, you may see that this is how you have experienced life for as long as you can remember. Like a leaf in the wind; you will be tossed around and unable to do anything about it.

Looking Deeper

However, what if the external world is not completely defining how you feel? What if the external world is largely the result of how you feel, meaning the external world is mirroring back your internal world?

In this case, what is going on ‘out there’ is secondary and what is taking place inside you is primary. You are then not merely a passive observer of your life; you are a co-creator of it.

The Connection

To realise what is going on, it will be essential for you to pay attention to how you feel. Without this understanding, you will miss out on the cause and only be aware of the effect of how you feel.

It might seem strange as to how the feelings that are inside you could impact your life. The reason for this is that you are not separate from anyone or anything, even though that may appear to be so.

The Big Illusion

Your mind creates the impression that you are just observing reality, which is why this can be hard to accept. At a deeper level, or at a level that your fives senses are unable to detect, there is no separation between you or anything else.

And while your body and the world around you appear to be solid, this is also not the truth - or is it the truth, but only at a certain level of perception. For something to be solid, it has to vibrate at a certain frequency.

The Law of Resonance

So if you forget for a moment that you have a physical body and to see yourself as vibrating energy, how you experience life will start to make more sense. The feelings that you have, along with your thoughts and beliefs, will create a frequency, and what is in alignment with this frequency is what will define what you can or can’t experience.

Through not having this understanding, it will be perfectly normal for you to feel like a victim of circumstances. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that it is not just the feelings you are consciously aware of that have an impact; it is also the feelings that are deep inside your unconscious mind.

Over to You

If your life is not how you would like it to be, the first step will be to become aware of how you feel. One thing that you could do is to notice what feelings you typically experience and to make a note of them in a journal.

By doing this, you may start to understand why you have the experiences that you have. The next step will be to decide what you would like to experience and to allow yourself to feel the feelings that will allow you to change your reality.

How Can I Serve You?

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