The combined oral contraceptive pills are the most obvious choices for sexually active women throughout the globe, especially when it comes to remain free from the pregnancy related risks. The latest estimation suggests that more than 100 million women throughout the world use combined oral contraceptives and in the UK itself the number is no less than 4 million, is almost one-third of the entire women population, capable of conception. The very term combined oral contraceptive is suggestive that medications belonging to this class combined two different types of female sex hormones - oestrogen and progestogen. Compared to the traditional contraception methods, the contraceptive pills are less hazardous and if taken properly they can provide users complete protection from the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Yasmin and Dianette are the most preferred oral contraception pills among the UK women. You can easily buy Yasmin and Dianette pills from the authentic online pharmacies of UK.

The combined oral contraceptives were made available for common people’s use during early 1960s in the United States. Users of these pills have also reported that apart from saving them from the risk of unwanted pregnancy it also helped them to regulate their irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and skin problems. However, the recent researches on side effects of hormonal birth control pills have suggested that using these medications may increase the risk of cancer (breast cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, and liver cancer) among users. This possibility was brought to public attention for the first time by a large scale collaborative analysis by several epidemiological institutions. The scope of this study took more than 53,000 women under its scope and the findings clearly showed that women using contraceptive pills have 60% greater risk of suffering from breast cancer, compared to those not using these pills.

In contradiction to this claim, another study conducted by leading medication producers in 1999 showed that combined oral contraceptives doesn’t increase the risk of breast or another any other types of cancer among its users. Keeping both these arguments into consideration it is really very difficult to say for sure that hormonal contraceptives increase the risk of cancer. However, there is no denial of the fact that if a woman continues to use oral contraceptives for a long stretch of time then she may face some complications caused due to imbalance of the sex hormones. It is also important at the same time that a woman, willing to buy Yasmin or Dianette pills, needs to decide at the first place whether the medication suits her physical system or not.

If your physician finds that the artificial hormones that these medications contain may increase the risk of other physical complications then he/she may determine you time of usage. In order to enjoy the benefits of these medications you need to follow a carefully structured schedule, which means to take a pill every day around the same time for 21 days since the first day of your menstrual cycle. Though combined oral contraceptives are found to be quite safe for most women, some may find them unsuitable. In such cases stop taking the pill immediately and consult your physician for the possible alternatives.

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