Even though the economy is a "so-called" BAD economy, which has spread all over the world, via the "ripple effect," YOU can still improve your own personal economy, if you will get motivated and become more productive. You can use some creativity, and some enthusiasm, and apply yourself, and you can EARN the extra cash that you need. To earn more money, you just have to get up, get busy, and get "out there" and make things happen!

There are millions of people who sit around bored, broke, and depressed...well, that's a shame, because if they would get busy with something to make more money, then they would not be bored, and they would take their minds off of whatever makes them "think" that they're depressed, and as soon as more money starts to roll in, they will no longer be broke.

There are many ways that a person can earn extra money, even from home, and even without having an actual business with licenses, permits, and all the rest! Of course, in time, when you start to grow your own business, and it gets larger, it certainly could not hurt to get the proper paperwork done, and make things more "legal" or more legitimate.

There are tons of people who sell great products for big companies that make outstanding vitamins, or cosmetics, or even food storage containers, and they have room for YOU. Though there are many people who do not want to sell those items, for one reason of another. For the people who do have an interest, there is money to be made with many of those companies, particularly the more established ones. If you really, truly work at the chosen opportunity, and apply yourself, then you can eventually succeed! The main key to success with your own home based business, is to persevere and never give up.

There are wholesalers out there, who will sell to you, at wholesale and in smaller quantities, and you can actually buy a couple of dozen of "these," and a few dozen of "those," and sell the items to people in your town, at a profit! These people will buy from you, on impulse, and they will probably pay you in CASH.

It is true that some wholesalers will only sell to people with an actual business, or perhaps a brick and mortar store, or who can place a minimum order of maybe a thousand dollars...however, there are other wholesale sources that do not require all that. So, YOU simply have to find a wholesaler who WILL sell to you in smaller quantities, and without all the "hoopla."

There is also the possibility that you can go to garage sales every Saturday morning, and buy various items, and then re-sell them on eBay, where people are always buying and selling all types of used merchandise, collectibles, and even old, broken things that you would "think" that no one else would want...BUT someone "does" want it!

So, get busy and choose a money-making idea, and start working at it. Just get motivated, and do not listen to the negativity of the one or two friends who might tell you that you can't do it. Simply remember the ancient Chinese proverb, "The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person who is doing it."

Choose Happiness & Success!
Many Blessings!
Father Time

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Father Time is a self-help writer and motivational speaker. His colleague Jennifer has wholesale deals in small quantities for ordinary folks at www.iNeedaGiftForSomeone.com which is also a great place to do gift shopping and save money!