Even the simplest of error from your part can cause huge damage to a disposable charger you have just bought from a shop. Not only this, it can have an impact on your phone’s battery which is somewhat scary. Remember, there is more to than just plugging the phone to the charger and leaving it till the time the device is recharged. Batteries cannot be charged for infinite number of times; they have their limit too. After reaching a certain physical limit the phone battery starts to deteriorate. 

Even though you feel overwhelmed to have installed particular applications meant to save the battery life of your phone it is important that you practice some good charging methods. The three common types of batteries which are available nowadays include: 

  • Lithium Polymer 
  • Nickel Cadmium 
  • Lithium ion 

These batteries showcase unique features and need special handling.

Some mistakes people usually make while charging their phones are as follows: 

When the phone continues to remain plugged in even after being fully charged 

If you find your phone 100% charged, unplug it straight away. Over charging can damage the battery more than when the device lacks charge. Not only is this going to damage the battery but at the same time will have a negative impact on the performance of the device. This common mistake is especially referred to users who keep their phones for charging, overnight. Charging is a process which stresses the phone battery to a great extent. Soon after the phone charges up to 100%, you must unplug the device from the charger so that it doesn’t become stressed. 

Take off the case 

Charging is essential in order to keep the phone alive, literally. In most cases when using a Disposable Phone Charger, we keep the phone case on. As a result heat gets trapped in between the device and its casing. Due to this, the battery gets overheated. If you dont want the casing to come in way and instead are eager to extend the life of the phone battery it is vital that you take off the phone case and allow the excess heat to escape. Also this process will add to the life of the phone. 

Recharging the battery after it becomes completely discharged 

You do not always have to fully drain out the charge of your phone before putting it up for recharge. Lithium-ion batteries at least don’t need such kind of treatment. You can plug in the Pop Charger Disposable at least when the battery turns down to 50%. It has been found over and again that lithium-ion batteries are unpredictable; their charge can drop abruptly. In order to avoid this make sure you plug in the charger on time. That’s why it is best to always carry a disposable charger along. 

Eyeing for 100% 

While your phone will appear replenished with 100% charge, it’s a big mistake which most Smartphone users commit. It has been found that the phone runs optimally when the battery shows a well 80% of charge, which means you should quit from the habit of keeping your phone plugged to the charger until it reaches 100%. 

Also, never use a wrong charger as its going to take toll on the functionality of your phone. Avoid these charging mistakes to enjoy an extended life of your device. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is an expert technician who deals with smartphones and Disposable Phone Charger related problems. In recent days, the author has been publishing blogs on areas concerning the same.